Table of contents for Misbehaving proteins : protein (mis)folding, aggregation, and stability / edited by Regina M. Murphy, Amos M. Tsai.

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Part I. Mathematical Models and Computational Methods
Nonnative Protein Aggregation Pathays, Kinetics, and Stability
Prediction  .  .  .  . ... . .. ...  .  .  .  ..  ..  . . . ....17
(hristophier , Roberts
Simulations of Protein Aggregation: A Review .............
Carol KI Hall Hung DB S n yent Alexander J. Marclhut
atd ictoria W agoier
Part H.l Experimental Methods
Elucidating Structure, Stability, and Conformational Distributions during
Protein Aggregation with Hydrogen Exchange and Mass Spectrometrv ....
ErikJ Iret ande and Sot A. 17ble
Application of Spectrostopic and Calorimetric echniques in Protein
Formulation Development    . .. ..9... . ..  ... .....  ... ..  . .....  . ..  99
A*Sgela W¼ilcox a i Reijesh Krisminamurth
Small-Angle Neutron Scattering as i Probe for Protein Aggregation
at May Lcngth Scales ...125
Snu-anA; Krueer DNerk He,; nd Amos Tsai
Laser Light Scattering as an Indispensable Tool for
Probing Protein  Aggregation  . ...........  .. ... . .  . .. . .  .. ... .  147
Reg ma 4M. Mripv   and Christile C Lee
X-Ray Diffraction for Characterizing Structure in Protein Aggregates.. 6..
lideyo a niye, Detpak Sharmra. and Dana ie A Kirsci t er
Glass Dynamics and the Preservation of Proteins ........................
(L histoIher L olesin Amos M. 7sai; and iMaIcus T Cicerone
Part IV. Fundamental Studies in Model Systems
Folding aid Misfolding as a Function of Polypeptide Chain Elongation:
Confornational Trends and nplications for lntracellular Events ... .  217
Silvia (avaIgnero aind Nese Kirt
Determinants of Protein Folding and Aggregatin in P22 Tailspike Proti ....  247
Matthew J Gige, Brian G. Lefebvre and Ante S. Robihison
Factor Affecting the Fibrillation of  j -Synucein a Natively
Unfolded P,rotein....                                              265
Ansthony L Filk
Molten Globale-Lipid Bilayer Interactions and Their Implications
for Protein Transport and Aggregation  .                ...         287
Lisa A. Kuetir o and C. Russell Middlllaug
Part V Protein Product Development
Self-Association of Therapeutic Proteins lmplicatis for
Product Development .    ..                                         3 13
Marv E. M. Cromwell, Chantel Felten, Hethera Flonris Ji, m Li.
a1id Steven  Shir
Mutational Appiroach to lnprove Physical Stability of Protein
Therapeutics Susceptible to Aggregation: Ro e of Altered
Conformation in Irreversible Precipitation     .     . .  .........  331
Margaret Speed Riccii Man/icaM. Pal itto, ind/a Osiens Narhi,
Th/iomas Boone,c and David N. Breais

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