Table of contents for No more letting go : the spirituality of taking action against alcoholism and drug addiction / by Debra Jay.

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PART ONE: Questioning Our Assumptions        5
Hitting Bottom: A Family Affair            7
Fooling the Mind                          11
Addiction Isn't a Lifestyle Choice        16
Detachment and Inaction: Are They Synonymous?  22
Detachment and the Brain                  26
When Do We Let Go and Let God?            31
It Is Everyone's Business                 36
Seeming to Do Is Not Doing                42
Create a Spacious Place                   47
PART TWO: The Collapsed Spirit: Inaction and
Old Action                                51
Old Actions Perpetuate the Past           53
The Art of Contortion                     59
Fear                                      65
Anger                                     72
Perfectionism                                77
Caretaking                                   82
Procrcstination                              88
Blame                                        94
Two Sides of the Same Coin                   99
Breathing New Life into the Spirit          106
PART THREE: What We Know Now                  111
The Withered Brain                          113
Disrupted Decision Making                   119
The Genetic Factor                          124
Predictable, Progressive, and Chronic       130
Choice and Responsibility                   137
How the Brain Makes Sense of the Senseless  145
The Mantras of the Addicted Brain           149
Spiritual Awakening Changes the Brain       154
PART FOUR: Spiritual Negotiation              161
Getting Ready Requires an Act of Faith      163
Intervention: The Road to Integrity         168
Spiritual Negotiation                       175
Coming Together: Family Intervention        182
A Checklist: Preparing for Family Intervention  190
Intervention: A Dramatization               200
Intervention in the Workplace               211
Medical Intervention                        217
Legal Intervention                          224
Soft Intervention                           231
Informal Intervention                       237
Behavioral Intervention                     244
Impaired Professional Intervention          249
Crisis as Intervention                      256
Success in Treatment Is Time in Treatment  261
Formulating a Relapse Agreement           267
PART FIVE: Creating a Space for Grace       273
Spiritual Action                          275
In the Beginning: Action                  -283
Justice: Love and Trust in Action         289

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