Table of contents for A chronicle of pioneer Michel Le Messier : his ancestors and descendants from the 13th century to the 21st century / Gerald R. Messier.

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1     Exploring the New World                               1
2     The Origin of the Le Messier/Blondelet Family         15
In the Old World of Early France
3     The last of the Le Messier/Blondelet Family           61
in the Old World of Early France
4     The Origin of the Le Moyne and Du Chesne Family       103
in Longueil and Dieppe, France
5     1642 - The First Pioneers in Montreal, Quebec, Canada  115
6     Michel Le Messier, Pioneer in Montreal, Canada        127
7     Michel Messier, Captured a Second Time                149
by the Iroquois - -Escapes Death
8     Michel Messier Returns to His Home: "La Provencal"    171
9     Sieur Michel Messier,                                 191
10    Sieur Michel Messier,                                 205
Captain of the Militia
11    Sieur Michel Messier, Voyageur and Fur Trader         217
12    Iroquois Capture Sieur Michel Messier                 237
13    The House of Sieur Michel Messier,                     265
14    The End of a Pioneer's Life:                           283
the Beginning of His Legacy
15    The Banner is Passed to                                309
A New Generation of Messier
16    English Defeat French Canada                           343
17    The American Revolution and the                        367
Messier Line Moves Forward
18    The Birth of an Independent Nation                     379
19    The Messier Family Moves to the United States          399
20    Transition                                             431
21    The Messier Family Settles in New Bedford              445
22    The Village of New Bedford                             467
23    The Messier Family in the Twentieth Century            481
24    The Great Depression                                   515
and the Road to Recovery
25    The Extended Families                                  535

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