Table of contents for Local governance in industrial countries / edited by Anwar Shah.

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A Comparative Institutiona Framework for
Responsive, Responsible, and Accountable
Local Governance       1
by Amvar Shah
Introduction: Local Government and
Local Governance   1
The Theory: Conceptual Perspectives on Local
covernince and Central-Local Relations  "
The Practice. Mtcrnativte Models of T oai Govcrna-ce
and C.nltra -Locatc Relation.s  - )J ,
A Coparative Overview of Local Governniment
Onrganization and Finance in Inustriai
Countries   27
Concluding Remarks    36
Acknowledgments    36
References   38
Local Government Organization and Finance:
Canada      41
by AMelville L McMillan
Municipal Government Responsibilities Associated
with Expenditures  45
Municipal Government Revenues   49
Municipal Government Borrowing   60
Recent Developments   62
An Overall Assessment of Municipal Government Finances  70
Lessons for Developing and Othe Countries  75
Notes    78
References   80
Local Government Organization and Finance:
France      83
by Rimy Prud'homme
Jurisdictions  83
Economic Weight    85
Governance    87
Local Government Expenditure Responsibilities  89
Local Government Own-Source Taxes and Charges  93
Central-Local Fiscal Transfers  100
Local Government Borrowing   106
Local Government Administratipon  110
Conclusion    111
Notes    114
References   115
Local Government Organization and Finance
ermany        117
by Jan rerier
Historical Development  119
Financial Situation of the Local Administrative Bodies: Proble ms
and Reform Proposals Presented So Far  122
Local Financial Equalization between the Federal States and
Municipalities  135
llustration: The Equalization System in Hesse  135
Local Government Borrowing   138
Local Governiment Administration  141
l al T'ax A"dministration  141
Conclusion and Policy Implications  142
Notes    144
References   146
Local Government Organization and Finance:
Japan      149
by Nobuki Mochida
An Overview of Japan's Local Government  150
Expenditure Responsibilities  152
Tax Assignment between Central and Local Governments  155
Specific-Purpose Grants  165
Fiscal Equalization System  169
Local Bond and Borrowing   179
References   187
Local Government Organization and Finance:
SNew Zealand         189
by Brian Dollery
Overview of the Current Local Government Systemr  189
Local Governmrent Expenditure Responsibilities  194
Local Goverrnment Own-Source Taxes and Charges  196
Shared Taxes   198
Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers  199
Local Government Borrowing   200
Local Government Administration  201
Overall Assessment of Local Government Finances  202
Lessons for Developing Countries  209
Notes    221
References   221
Local Government Organization and Finance: Nordic
Countries     223
biv Jorgen Lotz
Legal and Organizationai Frameworks: fhe Deiveyopment
of Nordic Decentralization  226
Size and Structure of Local Governments: Amalgamations and the
Alternatives  230
Decentralizing Expenditure  234
Decentralizing Revenues  235
Borrowing    243
The Role of General, Specific, and Discretionary Grants  245
Horizontal Imbalances and Equalization  249
The Calculation of Expenditure Needs  252
Summary and Conclusions    255
Notes    259
References   261
Local Government Organization and Finance:
United Kingdom       265
by David King
The Component Countries of the United Kingdom  265
A Comment on Recent Reforms    266
An Overview of the Current Local Government System  267
Local Government Expenditure Rensponsibilitic  281
Local GoveTrnment Own-Source Taxes and Charges  285
Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers  291
Local Government Borrowing and Other Capital Revenues  303
Local Government Administration  306
An Overall Assessment  306
Lessons for Developing Countries  309
Notes    311
References   311
Local Government Organization and Finance:
United States     313
by Larry Schroeder
Organization of Subnational ov.ernmenlts  314
Services and Expenditures of Subnational Governments  322
Own-Source Revenues of Subnational Governments  330
Shared Taxes   342
Intergovernmental Transfers  344
Borrowing by Subnational Governments  348
Administration of Subnational Governments  350
Accountability of Local Governments  351
Lessons for Developing Countries  354

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