Table of contents for Business guide to Japan : a quick guide to opening doors & closing deals / Bóye Lafayette De Mente.

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The "Smell and Taste" of Japanese Companies
The Strange Bedfellows 6
The Culture of Emotion to
The Resentment Factor iS
The Role of Groupthink 18
The Faction Factor 22
Using the Art of the Belly 25
Communicating Heart-to-Heart 28
Management by Intuition 32
Pass the Zen, Please 35
Putting Your Best Face Forward 38
Identifying Your Company 44
Knowing What You Are Talking About 48
Coming Up with the Right Bait 55
Focusing In on the Right Connection 58
Finding the Right Connection 63
Putting Your Life on the Line 68
Avoiding the Second-Class Pitfall 71
Going In Alone 73
Fighting Spirit 75
Rules of Employment 77
Going In with a Japanese Connection 79
The Importance of Going to Japan 82
Greasing the Skids 84
Getting Help from Experts 88
Borrowing Face from Advisors 92
Inviting the Japanese to Visit You 95
The Structure of a Japanese Company 99
The Spirit of Japanese Companies 1o8
Making the First Contact in
Getting the Still Useful Bow Down 116
The Business Card Game 118
Getting Acquainted 122
How to Recognize "No" 126
The Role of the Greeting Ritual 131
Seeing behind the Facade 134
The All-Important Pre-Agreement Meetings 137
Revolving the Roots 139
I Will Do My Best 142
I Understand You 144
The Written Document System 146
The Importance of Following Up 15o
How to Use Interpreters 152
More on Failing to Follow Through 155
Dealing at the Negotiating Table 158
Killing with Silence 161
Beware of Using Logic 164
Mastering the Art of Doing Business at Night 166
The Importance of a Hidden Art 170
"Nomi-nication": GatheringWisdom in Bars 173
Let's Have a Drink 175
Business on the Greens 178
A Dash of Culture 182
And a Pinch of Sex 185
When the Going Gets Tough 189
Why the Japanese Are Quality Conscious 192
The Kaizen Factor 197
The Art of Servicing Customers 199
Putting On a Loving Face 201
Grinding Sesame Seeds 203
Making Hay in the Japanese Market 205
Going after the Young 207

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