Table of contents for Disease and mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa / editors, Dean T. Jamison ... [et al.]

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Chapter 1    Changing Patterns of Disease and Mortality in Sub-Saharan
Africa: An Overview                                                             1
Florence K. Baingana and Eduard R. Bos
Chapter 2    Levels and Trends in Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Overview              11
Jacob Adetunji and Eduard R. Bos
Shapter 3    Trends in Child Mortality, 1960 to 2000                                        15
Kenneth Hill and Agbessi Amouzou
Chapter 4    Levels and Trends of Adult Mortality                                           31
Debbie Bradshaw and lan M. imnaeus
Chbapter 5   Causes of Death                                                                43
Chaiapai Rao, Alan D. Lopez, and Yusuf Hemed
Chapter 6    Population and Mortality after AIDS                                            59
Rodolfo A Bulatao
Chapter 7   Levels and Patterns of Mortality at INDEPTH Demographic
Surveillance Systens                                                           75
Osman A. Sankoh Pierre Ngon, Samuel J Clark Don de Savigny, and Fred Binka
Chapter 8    Trends and Issues in Child Undernutrition                                      87
lodd Benson and Meera Shekar
Chapter 9    Diarrheal Diseases                                                            107
Cynthia BoschiPinto Claudio F. Lanata, Walter Mendoza, and Demisse Habte
Chapter 10   Developmental Disabilities                                                    125
Geoff Solarsh and Karen J. Hofman
Chapter 11   Acute Respiratory Infections                                                  149
Shabir A. Madhi and Keith P Klugnman
Chapter 12   Vaccine-Preventable Diseases                                                  163
Mark A. Miller and John T Sentz
Chapter 13    Tuberculosis                                                                     179
Christopher Dye, Anthony D. Haries, Dermot Maher, S. Mehran Hossein,
Wilfred Nkhoma and Felix M. Salaniponi
Chapter 14    Malaria                                                                          195
Robert W. Snow and Judy A. Omumbo
Chapter 15    Onchocerciasis                                                                   215
Uche Amazigo, Mounkaia Noma Jesse Bump, Brue Benton Bernhard iese,
Laurent Yamogo, Honorat Zoure and Azodoga Seketeli
Chapter 16    Maternal Mortality                                                               223
Khama 0. Rogo John Oucho and Philip Mwaaii
Chapter 17    HIV/AIDS                                                                         237
Souleyrrane Mboup, Rosemary Musonda, Fred Mhal and Max Essex
Chapter 18    Lifestyle and Rlated Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases                           247
Krisela Steyn and Aibertino Damasceio
Chapter 19    Diabetes Mellitus                                                                267
Jean-Caude Mbanya and Kaushik Ramiaya
Chapter 20    Cancers                                                                         289
Freddy Sitas, Max Parkin, Zvavahera Chirenje, Lar Stein Nokuzoza Mqoq
and Henry Wabinga
Chapter 21    Cardiovascular Disease                                                           305
Anthony Mbewu and Jean-dCaude Mbanya
Chapter 22    Mental Health and the Abuse of Alcohol and Controlled Substances                 329
Florence K, Baigana, Atalay Alem, and Rachel Jenkins
Chapter 23    Neurological Disorders                                                           351
Donald Silberberg and Elly Katabira
Chapter 24    Violence and njuries                                                             361
Brett Bowman Mohamed Seedat, Norman Duncan and Olive Kobusingye

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