Table of contents for Health and economic growth : findings and policy implications / edited by Guillem LoĢpez-Casasnovas, Berta Rivera, and Luis Currais.

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I  Health, Human Capital, and Economic Growth  17
1  Health, Human Capital and Economic Growth: A Schumpeterian
Perspective  19
Peter Howitt
2  Health as a Principal Determinant of Economic Growth  41
Adriaan van Zon and Joan Muysken
3  Health's Contribution to Economic Growth in an Environment of
Partially Endogenous Technical Progress  67
Dean T Jamison, Lawrence J. Lau, and Jia Wang
1H  Macroeconomics, Development, and Health  93
4  On the Health-Poverty Trap  95
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
5  Human Development Traps and Economic Growth  115
David Mayer-Foulkes
6  Health, Education, and Economic Development  143
Edward Miguel
7  Nutrition, Malnutrition, and Economic Growth  169
Harold Alderman, Jere R. Behrman, and John Hoddinott
III Human Capital, Health, and Demography  195
8  On Epidemiologic and Economic Transitions: A Historical
View   197
Suchit Arora
9  Economic Growth, Health, and Longevity in the Very Long Term
Facts and Mechanisms  239
Olivier F. Morand
IV Productivity, Labor Markets, and Health  255
i0 Productive Benefits of Health: Evidence from Low -Incom
Countries  257
"TI Paul Schultz
11 Individual Returns to Health in Bazil: A Quantile Regression
Analysis  287
Berta Rivera and Luis Currais
V  Quantity of Life and the Welfare Costs of AIDS  313
12 The Economic Cost of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: A
Reassessment  315
Tomas j Philipson and Rodrigo R. Soares
13 Profits and People: On the Incentives of Busines to Get Involved
in the Fight against AIDS  339
David Bloom and Jaypee Sevilla

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