Table of contents for The central Middle Ages : Europe 950-1320 / edited by Daniel Power.

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Introduction                                                          1
Daniel Power
Why the 'central Middle Ages'?                                        3
Europe in the central Middle Ages: climate and environment            7
The faultlines of European culture                                   11
The political divisions of Europe                                    15
Europe around the year looo: a continent transformed?                22
An age of expansion                                                  25
1 Society                                                           28
Martin Aurell
Scholarly discourses versus social realities                      29
The castellan aristocracy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries    32
A 'nobility of privileges' in the thirteenth century               37
The peasantry: servitude and freedom                              40
Proud to be merchants                                             43
The poor and marginalized                                          45
The family                                                        47
The village and the lordship                                      54
2 Economy                                                            57
David Nicholas
The first phase of rural economic expansion (to c.n8o): an agricultural
revolution?                                                       58
The towns and the development of a market economy                 63
The expansion of the rural economy: the second phase (c.ln8-c.133o) 66
The coinage revolution                                            69
The commercial changes of the thirteenth century                  72
The situation of Italy                                            80
Credit and banking                                                82
The fairs                                                         86
The 'commercial revolution' of the late thirteenth century?       88
3 Politics                                                          91
Bjorn Weiler
The political geography of Europe                                 91
Qualifications for kingship                                       96
The theory and practice of kingship                              1oo
The community of the realm                                       108
The means and ends of political communication                     113
4 Religion                                                          121
Julia Barrow
Sources                                                           121
The Church's ancien rdgime: bishops and ritual c.iooo            123
The process of transition                                        126
Law and the Church hierarchy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries 128
The lay experience of religion                                   133
Monks, nuns, regular canons, and friars                          138
Heretics                                                         144
Jewish communities                                               145
Muslims in Spain                                                 147
5 Intellectual and Cultural Creativity                             149
Anna Sapir Abulafia
Education and learning: the schools                              150
Education and learning: the universities                         158
Historians and (auto)biographers at work                         164
Vernacular culture                                               170
A twelfth-century Renaissance?                                    175
6 The Expansion of Latin Christendom                           178
Nora Berend
Christianization in Scandinavia and central Europe            179
The new polities of central Europe                           185
The new polities of northern Europe                          190
Iberia                                                       194
Crusades                                                     200
Travels, mission, and discoveries                            206
Conclusion                                                     209
Daniel Power

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