Table of contents for Death's dream kingdom : the American psyche since 9-11 / Walter A. Davis.

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PART ONE: THE BELLY OF THE BEAST                     1
1 911-America                                       3
Ground Zero as Image                             4
Mourning vs Evacuation                           5
The Psyche That Dropped the Bomb                 6
After Such Knowledge,What Forgiveness?           8
2 Living in Death's Dream Kingdom:
The Psychotic Core of Capitalist Ideology        11
Ideology as Delusional Fantasy                  11
Capitalism as Fulfillment of the Ideological Enterprise  16
3 Passion of the Christ in Abu Ghraib              23
The Misfit's Dilemma                            23
Movie-goers in the Hands of an Angry Film-maker  25
The Non-Accidental Tourist                      30
The Principle of Hope: or, The Late, Late, Late Show  39
Endgame: The Christ of Abu Ghraib               42
4 Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq        45
Laugh-in Brings You the News                    45
Appointment in Samarra                          47
The Fatal Lure of Guarantees                    48
The Nuclear Unconscious                         52
The Fantasmatic Becomes the Real                56
A Billet for Dubya                              59
Final Jeopardy                                  63
5 A Humanistic Response to 9-11:
Robert Jay Lifton, or the Nostalgia for Guarantees  67
History With and Without Guarantees             67
The End of Humanism                              71
6 A Postmodernist Response to 9-11: Slavoj 2ilek,
or the Jouissance of an Abstract Hegelian        75
The Pleasures of Ideological Criticism          75
How to Become a Critical Critic                 87
The Missed Encounter                            93
PART TWO: TO THE LEFT OF THE LEFT                  119
7 Bible Says: The Psychology of Christian
Fundamentalism                                 121
Literalism                                      123
Conversion                                     128
Evangelicalism                                 133
Apocalypse Now                                  136
Sexual Roots of the Fundamentalist Psyche       144
8 The Psychodynamics of Terror                     151
Home Brewed                                     151
Evacuation Through Projective Identification    154
The Perfect Murder: Soul Murder                156
Thanatos: The Pleasure of Terror                159
Patriot Games                                   160
9 Evil: As Psychological Process and as
Philosophic Concept                             165
Ordinary People                                 165
Radical Evil                                   185
Systemic Evil: The Psycho-Logic of Capitalism   198
10 Men of Good Will: Toward an Ethic of the Tragic  219
The Ethical Significance of Pat Tillman         219
Psychoanalysis and Ethics                      220
The Apostle of Duty and the Subject of Existence  223
The Choice on which Ethics Turns               230
Toward an Existential Ethic                     235
The Value That Admits No Equivalent            238
Tragic Situatedness: A Modest Proposal          240
Singing in the Hard Rain                       244

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