Table of contents for Biomedical informatics : computer applications in health care and biomedicine / Edward H. Shortliffe, editor ; James J. Cimino, associate editor.

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CHAPTER 1       The Computer Meets Medicine and Biology: Emergence of a Discipine 3
Edward H. Shortliffe and Marsden S Blois
CHAPTER 2     Biomedical Data: Their Acquisition, Storage, and Fse 46
Edward H ShorAtlif and G Octo Barnett
CHAPTER 3     Biomedical Decision Making: Probabilistic Clinical Reasoning 80
Donugas K Owens and Harold C Sox
CHAPTER 4       Cognitive Science and Biomedical Informatics 133
Vimla L. Patel nd David R. aufmnan
CHAPTER  5     Essential Concepts for Biomedical Computing 186
Gio Wiederhold and Thomas C Rindfleisch
CHAPTER 6      System Design and Engineering in Health Care 233
Gio Wiederhoid and Edward H Shortai/fe
CHAPTER 7      Standards in Biomedical Informatics 265
CW Edward Hammnond and and James  mino
CHAPTER 8      Natural Language and Ttet Processing in Biomedicine 312
Canrol Fiedman and Stephen B. Johnson
CHAPTER 9      Imaging and Structural Informatics 344
James F. Brinkley and Robert A. Greenes
CHAPTER 10     E thics and Health fnformatics: Users, Stdards and Outcomes 379
Keoneh W. Goodman and Randolph A. Miller
CHARPTER 11    Evaluation and Technolo g Asessment 403
Chare P Frwicadmoa , ]eremv C2 Wvaiit and DouigasA K O.wes
CHAPTER 12      Electronic Heath Record Systems 447
Pali C Tang man Cmei nit  ,I McDonald
CHAPTFR 13       Management of Informatio in Healthcae Oranizaton   476
LiMn Harold Vit Il and Leislie t  Pcrreau/i
CHAPTER 14      C onsumel Health Informatics and Telchealth 5i1
Patriia Fhine/ Brimian and ust in B. Starr,n
CHAPTER 15     Public Health Indormatics and the Health Information Inf rastructire 537
Wif/iani A. Yvisnoff Patri t/k  J O'( aroa/i,and a ndrtei to eii -i
CHAPTER 16    Patient Care Systems 564
.iiud G Ola-holt and Suzunn Bakken
CHAPTER 17   Patient-Monitoring Systems 585
Reed M. Gardner and 4. Min chae/ Slcihol
CHAPTER 18     Imaging Systems in Radilogy 62(6
Roberi A. Grocs and J lames F B. id, ic
CHAPTER 19    Infomation Retrieval and Digital Libraries 660
il /liai  H esh, P Zoc Siar i and llliai  M,I Dl) ii
CHAPTER  20    Clinical Decision-Support Systems 698
Mifk A. Musi n Yu'va/ Shas/ir and Edward I. Siou'il/Hf
CHAPTER 21      Computers in Medical Education 737
Pat sli Di'! Edward . HolP r/ and G. OcWt Barn 't
CHAPTER 22   Bioinolrmaties 763
PRus B. At Itman and Sc in D. Monion
CHAPTER 23    Health Care Financing and Information Technolog:  A Historicai
Sara J Singei, A/ain (C indlhovi   anid Alan Mi  i .A'e
CHAPTER 24      T he Future of Computer Applications in Biomedicine 829
Liarene Al. Fagan and Edward H. Shortlifpf

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