Table of contents for Participating in God's mission of reconciliation : a resource for churches in situations of conflict.

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Introduction                                        1
I How the Study was Carried Out                        3
A. Local self-studies                               4
B. Interdisciplinary work                           4
C. Integration                                      5
II.  Situations of Conflict                              5
A. A mission of reconciliation and unity            5
B. Local self-studies                               6
C. Signs of hope                                   12
D. Common features found in these studies          13
V.   Perceptions from the Social Sciences               14
A. Human identity and community                    14
B. The contribution of the social sciences         14
C. Tools for analysis                              15
D. Reasons for conflict                            25
E. Offering a positive response: possible roles    29
for the churches
V.    Biblical Perspectives                             32
A. Methods and commitments                        32
B. The use and misuse of biblical texts           33
C. The impartiality of God                        35
D. Diversity in unity                             37
E. A ministry of reconciliation                   39
VI.   Theological Perceptions                           40
A. Baptism and eucharist                          41
B. The ministry of reconciliation and healing     44
C. Christian unity and inter-confessional dialogue  54
D. Inter-religious dialogue                       56
VII. Participating in God's Mission                     59

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