Table of contents for South Africa's diverse peoples : a reference sourcebook / Sally Frankental and Owen B. Sichone.

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1  Moving and Meeting: "Peopling" Southern Africa and Naming
Diverse Populations, 3
The Peopling of South Africa, 9
Language as a Marker of Difference, 18
Conclusion, 24
Timeline, 25
Significant People, Places, and Events, 26
References and Recommended Reading, 27
2  Colonial Encounters: The Recognition of Cultural Diversity and
Its Consequences (1600-1900), 29
Khoisan Resistance, 32
Cape Cosmopolitanism, 34
Encroaching Colonialism, 38
The Era of British Imperialism, 40
African "Tribes" as Conceived by the British, 41
Chinese and Indian Labor, 47
Jewish Immigrants, 50
Sotho Resistance, 52
Missionaries and Educated African Elites, 54
Conclusion, 55
Timeline, 56
Significant People, Places, and Events, 56
References and Recommended Reading, 59
3   Shifting Alliances, 61
Introduction, 61
British Imperialism and South Africa, 62
Trekker Expansion and Incipient Afrikaner State Formation, 62
British Colonial Expansion, 67
Urbanization, 68
Colored Attempts to Resist Segregation, 70
British Imperialism and African Disillusionment, 73
Afrikaner Nationalism, 74
The South African War, 77
Conclusion, 81
Timeline, 83
Significant People, Places, and Events, 84
References and Recommended Reading, 85
4   The Intensification of Segregation after Union, 89
Introduction, 89
Toward Union, 90
The Union, 94
Afrikaners, 97
Entrenching Afrikaner Ethnicity, 98
Black Political Movements, 100
Social Effects of the 1913 Natives' Land Act, 103
Trade Unions, 106
African People's Organisation (APO), 110
Colored People's Status in the Union, 112
Conclusion, 114
Timeline, 115
Significant People, Places, and Events, 119
References and Recommended Reading, 120
5 The "Naturalization" of Apartheid, 123
Introduction, 123
'.\JiN IL IN I 0  V11
Apartheid Legislation, 123
The Definition of"the Colored Community" under Apartheid, 130
Afrikaner Identity under Apartheid, 133
Black Africans under Apartheid, 134
The Freedom Charter, 134
Black Consciousness Movement, 141
Redefining Black South Africa, 144
Conclusion, 155
Timeline, 158
Significant People, Places, and Events, 159
References and Recommended Reading, 162
6   The Beginning of the End: Repression and Reform, 163
Mounting Pressure on Apartheid, 163
Organized Resistance: The UDF, the MDM, and the Trade Unions, 164
Total Onslaught, Total Strategy, 168
States of Emergency: Urban Resistance and Violence, 172
Internal Fissions: Afrikaner Ethnicity in Crisis, 182
The Bantustans: Legislation, Rationale, and Consequences, 186
Trouble in the Homelands, 195
Conclusion, 197
Timeline, 198
Significant People, Places, and Events, 200
References and Recommended Reading, 202
7   Ethnic Diversity in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 205
Introduction, 205
The First Democratic Elections, 209
Faith-Based and Ethnic Parties, 210
Afrikaners in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 212
Afrikaner Cultural Politics, 216
Farm Killings and Farm Evictions: Ethnic Cleansing or Class
Struggles? 219
Colored Politics in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 220
Muslim Communities in the New South Africa, 225
African Migrants and South African Xenophobia, 230
Conclusion, 237
Timeline, 237
Significant People, Places, and Events, 238
References and Recommended Reading, 240
8   Conclusions: Ethnicity in a Young Democracy, 241
Introduction, 241
National Unity, 245
Nation-Building and the "Rainbow Nation"' 247
Ethnic Identity and the Tourism Industry, 254
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Nation-Building, 256
The RDP Program as a Nation-Building Tool, 260
The Transformation of Public Institutions, 263
Ethnicity, Class, and Language, 265
Transformation in Sports, 267
Re-Africanization: Celebrating an African Democracy, 269
The Complexity of Ethnicity in Democratic South Africa, 272
The Elections of 2004: The Decline of Ethnic Blocs? 275
Conclusion, 278
Timeline, 280
Significant People, Places, and Events, 281
References and Recommended Reading, 285

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