Table of contents for The international politics of the Asia-Pacific / Michael Yahuda.

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Acknowledgements                                           xi
Introduction to the revised edition                        xii
The Cold War, 1945-1989                                         1
The international politics of the Asia-Pacific                  3
Introduction                                                5
1 The impact of the Cold War and the struggles for independence,
1945-1954                                                  21
2 The application of bipolarity, 1954-1970                   41
3 The period of tripolarity, 1971-1989                       72
The policies of the great powers                               99
4 The United States and the Asia-Pacific                    101
5 The Soviet Union/Russia and the Asia-Pacific              135
6 China and the Asia-Pacific                                159
x  Contents
7 Japan and the Asia-Pacific                           186
The post-Cold War period                                205
The era of American pre-eminence                        207
8 The new structure of international relations         209
9 The United States: from the end of the Cold War to the
war on terrorism                                     242
10 China: China's rising power and influence            281
11 Japan: towards a new role after the end of the Cold War  314
Conclusion                                           338

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