Table of contents for Child abuse : towards a knowledge base / Brian Corby.

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chapter one Introduction                                            1
Providing a practitioner knowledge base              2
Central government policy and child protection       2
The Victoria Climbid Report                          3
Knowledge and procedures                             3
Aims and objectives                                  4
The changing knowledge base                          4
Outline of the remaining chapters                    5
chapter two Childhood, child abuse and history                      7
Introduction                                         8
Interpreting history                                 9
Childhood and history                               10
Child abuse and history                             16
Concluding comments                                 20
Recommended reading                                 21
chapter three A history of child abuse and neglect 1870-1991       22
Introduction                                        23
Late Victorian and Edwardian responses to child abuse  23
Between the two world wars                          30
1945-70 and the rise of the children's departments  33
The rediscovery of child abuse 1970-85              36
1985-91: Jasmine Beckford, Cleveland and the
1989 Children Act                                 42
Concluding comments                                   47
Child abuse: a historical time-line 1800-1991         49
Recommended reading                                   50
chapter four Protecting and safeguarding children in need 1991-2005  51
Introduction                                          52
Ritual/Satanist abuse                                 52
Institutional abuse                                   55
Organised abuse, paedophiles, the commercial sexual
exploitation of children and child abuse via the internet  60
Intra-familial child abuse: the resurrection of family support  65
Safeguarding children now                             70
Concluding comments                                   73
Key events in child protection in the 1990s           75
Recommended reading                                   77
chapter five Defining child abuse                                    78
Introduction                                          79
The cultural context of child abuse definition        79
The concerns of the definers                          82
Defining child abuse in practice                      83
Formal definitions of child abuse                     85
Physical abuse                                        86
Physical neglect                                      91
Sexual abuse                                          94
Emotional abuse                                       96
Factors common to all types of abuse                  98
Other forms of abuse                                  99
Concluding comments                                  103
Recommended reading                                  104
chapter six The extent of child abuse                               105
Introduction                                         106
Official statistics                                  106
Incidence and prevalence studies into child abuse and
neglect                                            114
Concluding comments                                  121
Recommended reading                                  122
chapter seven Who abuses whom                                       123
Introduction                                         124
The gender of those who abuse and neglect            125
The age of those who abuse                           129
Poverty, race and child abuse                        131
Parents who have been abused themselves              133
Family structure and child abuse                     136
The psychological capacities of those who abuse      138
Other factors associated with those who abuse children  142
Who is abused                                        147
Concluding comments                                  152
Recommended reading                                  153
chapter eight The causation of child abuse                          154
Introduction                                         155
Psychological theories                               156
Social psychological theories                        166
Sociological perspectives                            171
Concluding comments                                  178
Recommended reading                                  180
chapter nine The consequences of child abuse                        181
Introduction                                         182
The consequences of physical abuse and neglect       185
The consequences of child sexual abuse               196
Concluding comments                                  208
Recommended reading                                  208
chapter ten Research into child protection practice                 210
Introduction                                         211
Prevention and prediction                            213
Assessment and decision-making                       218
Providing support and treatment                      229
Overall effectiveness of child protection work       235
Recommended reading                                  237
chapter eleven Current issues in child protection work              238
Child abuse and neglect - a world-wide perspective   239
Safeguarding children within a framework of family support  241
Children's rights and child abuse and neglect - the way
forward                                            246
Gender issues, child abuse and neglect               248
Race, ethnicity and child protection                 250
Poverty and child protection                         252
A plea for therapy                                   253
Concluding comments                                  255

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