Table of contents for War and peace in an age of terrorism : a reader / William M. Evan [compiler].

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PA R T          0 N E      Historical Overview   1
R E A D I N G   The Lessons of History Will Durant and Ariel Durant 2
READING 2       The Art of War Sun Tzu  5
R E A DING 3    The Art of War and Military Thoughts Martin Van Creveld  9
Questions for Discussions 12
Further Readings  12
*      PART         T W   O    The War on Terrorism     13
R E A D I N G 4  America's New War on Terror: The Case for Self-Defense
under International Law Jack M. Beard 14
READING 5       The New Cold War J. J. Goldberg  19
R E A D I N G 6  The Many Threats of Terror Richard L. Garwin  21
R E A D I N G 7  Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism Since 9/11
Bruce Hoffman 25
READING 8       Weapons of Mass Salvation Jeffrey Sachs  32
RE A D I N G 9  A Systemic Analysis of International Terrorism Frltiof Capra  35
Questions for Discussion 41
Further Readings  41
SPA RT          THREE            Religious and Secular Theories
of Just and Unjust War 43
R E A D I N G 10 Ethics and War: A Catholic View Joseph C. McKenna  45
R E A D I N G 11 The Peace Testimony of the Religious Society of Friends
Thomas D. Paxson Jr. 50
R E A D I N G 12 The 1660 Declaration of Friends to Charles II
George Fox and Others 54
RE A D I N G 13 War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition Michael Walzer 58
R E A D I N G 14 Interpreting the Islamic Ethics of War and Peace
Sohall H. Hashmi 64
R E A D I N G 1 5 Hirmsa and Ahirhsa Traditions in Hinduism
Klaus K. Klostermaler 70
R E A D I N G 16 Peace and Non-Violence in Buddhism Roy C. Amore  76
READING 17 The Just War MlchaelWalzer 82
Questions for Discussion 85
Further Readings 85
SP A R T           F 0 U R       Theories of the Causes of War 87
m Biological Theories
R E A D I N G 18 The Biology of Peace and War Irenaus Elbl-Elbesfeldt 88
R E A D I N G 19 The Seville Statement on Violence  94
R E A D I N G 2 0 The Seville Statement on Violence Revisited John Paul Scott
and Benson E. GInsburg 97
Questions for Discussion 99
Further Readings 99
* Economic Theories
R E A D I N G 2 1 The Economics of War and Peace Christopher Mark Davis 101
R E A D I N G 2 2 The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Paul Kennedy 104
R E A D I N G 2 3 The Arms Bonanza James Adams  110
R E A D I N G 2 4 The Global Arms Trade William M. Evan 114
Questions for Discussion 127
Further Readings  127
m Technological Theories
READING 2 5 War in the Atomic Age Bernard Brodle  129
R E A D I N G 2 6 Technology and War Martin Van Creveld 138
R E A D I N G 2 7 World War III? Now? Geoffrey E. Forden 149
R E A D I N G 2 8 Chemical Weapons as Means of Attack Anthony Cordesman 150
R E A D I N G 29 Biological Weapons as Means of Attack Anthony Cordesman  157
READING 3 0 Technology against Terror Rocco Casagrande  164
Questions for Discussion 166
Further Readings 166
* Political Theories
R E A D I N G 3 1 Multipolar Systems and International Stability Karl W. Deutsch
and J. David Singer 168
R E A D I N G 3 2 The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: A Debate Kenneth N. Waltz
and Scott D. Sagan 174
Questions for Discussion 181
Further Readings 181
m Psychological Theories
R E A D IN G 3 3 The Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis Neal E. Miller et al. 184
R E A D IN G 3 4 Why Men Fight: Psychosocial Determinants Jerome D. Frank 187
R E A D IN G 3 5 Nobody Wanted War Ralph K. White 195
R E A DI N G 3 6 Know Your Enemy: A Psychological Profile of Terrorism
Colin A. Ross 202
READING 3 7 Exchange of Correspondence on War Albert Einstein
and Sigmund Freud 208
Questions for Discussion 216
Further Readings 216
* Sociological and Anthropological Theories
R E A D I N G 3 8 Warfare Is Only an Invention-Not a Biological Necessity
Margaret Mead 218
READING 3 9 An Anthropological Analysis of War Bronlslaw MalinowskI 222
R E A D I N G 4 0 Why Nations Go to War John G. Stoesslnger 227
Questions for Discussion 234
Further Readings 234
E      PART         FIVE        Theories and Strategies
for the Prevention of War 235
* Negotiation Strategies
R E A D I N G 4 1 Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without Giving Up
Roger Fisher and William Ury 237
Questions for Discussion 257
Further Readings 257
* Nonviolent Strategies
READING 4 2 The Politics of Nonviolent Action Gene Sharp  259
R E A D I N G 4 3 The Nonviolent Moment as Peak Experience Michael N. Nagler 266
R E A D I N G 4 4 Toward a Confederation of Israel, Palestine and Jordan
William M. Evan 274
Question for Discussion 279
Further Readings 279
m International Law
R E A D I N G 4 5 The Rights of War and Peace Hugo Grotius 281
READING 46 War Crimes William M. Evan   287
R E A D I N G 4 7 Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons (Abstract)
International Court of Justice 295
R E A D I N G 48 The Constitution of Japan  300
READING 4 9 Kashmir: Invoking International Law to Avoid Nuclear War
William M. Evan and Francis A. Boyle 301
Questions for Discussion 303
Further Readings 303
m Minimal Moral Framework
READING 5 0 A Strategy for Peace Sissela Bok  305
R E A D I N G 5 1 A Global Ethic in World Politics Hans King 311
Questions for Discussion 314
Further Readings 314
m Peace Movements
R E A D I N G 5 2 American Peace Activism Charles DeBenedetti 316
R E A D I N G 53 The Transnational Movement against Nuclear Weapons
Lawrence S. WIttner 320
R E A D I N G 54 Antiwar Movement Morphs from Wild-Eyed to Civil Kate Zemike
and Dean E. Murphy 332
Questions for Discussion 338
Further Readings 338
m Democracy, Democratization and Peace
R E A D I N G 5 5 Grasping the Democratic Peace: Principles for a Post-Cold War World
Bruce Russett 341
R E A D I N G 56 Democratization and War Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder 351
R E A D I N G 5 7 Fanatical Terrorism versus Disciplines of Constitutional Democracy
Chester A. Newland 363
R E A D I N G 5 8 Promoting Democracy and Fighting Terror Thomas Carothers 368
Questions for Discussion 373
Further Readings 373

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