Table of contents for Complexities : women in mathematics / edited by Bettye Anne Case, Anne M. Leggett.

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I. Inspiration                                              1
1. FROM THE TWENTIETH CENTURY                               3
In Her Own Words Olga Taussky-Todd                       4
Remembering Olga Taussky Todd  Chandler Davis            6
Being Julia Robinson's Sister Constance Reid              8
Euphemia Lofton Haynes                                  18
Marjorie Lee Browne Patricia Clark Kenschaft             19
Cora Ratto de Sadosky  Cora Sadosky                     24
Fifty Years in Mathematics Mabel S. Barnes              27
Emmy Noether Emiliana Pasca Noether                     30
2. FROM EARLIER TIMES                                      38
My Grandmother, Grace Chisholm Young Sylvia M. Wiegand  39
Like Mother, Like Daughter Ivor Grattan-Guinness        46
Charlotte Angas Scott Patricia Clark Kenschaft          48
Sonia Kovalevsky Linda Keen                             52
Elizaveta Fedorovna Litvinova Ann Hibner Koblitz        54
Ada Byron Lovelace Dana Angluin                         60
Sophie Germain Mary W Gray                              68
Christine Ladd Franklin and Mary Fairfax Somerville     74
II. Joining Together                                       77
Women and Mathematical Ability Ralph P. Boas             79
AWM's First Twenty Years: The Presidents' Perspectives
Lenore Blum                                           80
Activities and Awards                                   98
AWM in the 1990s Jean E. Taylor and Sylvia M. Wiegand  105
1996: Women Preside                                    115
Affirmative Action: What Is It and What Should It Be?
Cora Sadosky                                         116
Across Borders Bettye Anne Case and Anne M. Leggett   121
Women Invited as Speakers at ICMs                     122
ICM Activities on Women in Mathematics                124
International Views on Education Elizabeth S. Allman  128
Crossing Ocean and Equator Isabel Salgado Labouriau   131
Voices from Six Continents                            134
III. Choices and Challenges                              149
Pathways in Mathematics Bettye Anne Case and
Anne M. Leggett                                     151
1. A DUAL TRIUMPH                                        177
Black and Female Vivienne Malone Mayes                178
In Remembrance Etta Zuber Falconer and Lee Lorch      181
How I Decided to Pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics
Geraldine Darden                                   184
A Double Dose of Discrimination Elayne Arrington-Idowu  186
Prejudice and Isolation, or Cooperation and Support?  188
2. INSIDE THE ACADEMY                                    191
Moment Maps in Stable Bundles Karen Uhlenbeck         193
Honors and Awards                                     195
Uhlenbeck Receives National Medal of Science        195
Gung and Hu Award Conferred on Schafer Linda R. Sons  196
Spikes Honored as Administrator and Educator        197
Chauvenet Prize Awarded to Birman                   199
Expository Writing Joan S. Birman                     200
Country School to Grad School Burton W Jones and
Robert A. Rosenbaum                                202
The Real World of the 1930s Dorothy L. Bernstein      204
Two Mentors                                           205
Violet Bushwick Haas Pamela G. Coxson               205
Alice B. Dickinson Joan R Hutchinson                207
Increasing Minority Representation in Mathematics
William A. Hawkins, Gloria Hewitt, John W Alexander,
and Bettye Anne Case                               208
Research and Teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges
Lynne M. Butler                                    212
Sustaining a Research Program Karen Brucks,
Bettye Anne Case, and Anne M. Leggett              213
Are Student Ratings Unfair to Women? Neal I. Koblitz  215
Rules for Academic Success Audrey A. Terras           218
3. OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY                                   221
Government and Administration Mina Rees                222
Citations                                              227
Computer Science  Maria M. Klawe                       228
Aerospace  Elizabeth Ralston                           230
Oil Industry  Margaret Waid                            232
Publishing Anneli Lax, Bettye Anne Case, and
Anne M. Leggett                                     235
National Security Agency  Barbara Brown Flinn          236
Biomedical Research  Sarah E. Holte                    238
Communications Industry  Margaret H. Wright            240
4. HAVING A LIFE                                          243
How I Became a Mathematician  Louise Hay               244
Is Geography Destiny? Margaret A. M. Murray            248
Making a Choice Judith Roitman                         251
Universities and the Two-Body Problem  Susan Landau    253
Lifestyle Discussions                                  256
The Two-City Existence Judy Green                      257
Spatial Separation in Family Life Marian Boykan Pour-El  258
Tenure Track, Mommy Track Susan Landau                 260
IV. Celebration                                          265
Problems, Including Mathematical Problems, from
My Early Years Cathleen Synge Morawetz              267
Looking Back ... Looking Ahead Evelyn Boyd Granville   272
Olga Taussky and Class Field Theory Christa Binder     281
Numbers, Matrices, and Commutativity Helene Shapiro    292
The Taussky Todd Celebration Bettye Anne Case, Krystyna
Kuperberg, Helen Moore, and Lesley A. Ward          308
A Mathematician at NIST Today Fern Y. Hunt             314
What Use Is Statistics for Massive Data? Diane Lambert  328
Math, with an Attitude Linda Petzold                   340
V. Into a New Century                                     347
Biased Random Walk: A Brief Mathematical Biography
Nancy Kopell                                        349
Challenges Karen Uhlenbeck                             354
Mathematics in "My Century" Carolyn S. Gordon          356
Thought Problems Ingrid Daubechies                     358
Outreach and Variety Suzanne Lenhart                   361
Demographic Trends and Challenges Carolyn R. Mahoney   364
Me, a Mathematician? Catherine A. Roberts                 370
My Path toward Mathematics Karen E. Smith                 372
A Cautionary Tale Helen Moore                             381
Role Models and Mentors Judy L. Walker                    385
An Energetic Career Tamara G. Kolda                       388
For the Love of Mathematics Tasha R. Inniss               390
Mathematics: Mortals and Morals Katherine Socha           393

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