Table of contents for A companion to gender history / edited by Teresa A. Meade and Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks.

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1 Sexuality                                                        11
Robert A. Nye
2  Gender and Labor in World History                               26
Laura Levine Frader
3 Structures and Meanings in a Gendered Family History             51
Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
4  Religion and Gender: Embedded Patterns, Interwoven Frameworks   70
Ursula King
5 Gender Rules: Law and Politics                                   86
Susan Kingsley Kent
6  Race, Gender, and Other Differences in Feminist Theory         110
Deirdre Keenan
7 Gender and Education Before and After Mass Schooling            129
Pavla Miller
8 How Images Got Their Gender: Masculinity and Femininity
in the Visual Arts                                             146
Mary D. Sheriff
9  Revolution, Nationalism, and Anti-Imperialism                  170
Temma Kaplan
10 Feminist Movements: Gender and Sexual Equality                 186
Barbara Winslow

11 Digging Up Gender in the Earliest Human Societies             211
Marcia-Anne Dobres
Classical and Post-Classical Societies (2000 BCE-1400 CE)
12 Women in the Middle East, 8000 BCE to 1700 CE                 229
Guity Nashat
13 Gendered Themes in Early African History                      249
David Schoenbrun
14  Confucian Complexities: China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam     273
Vivian-Lee Nyitray
15 Early Western Civilization Under the Sign of Gender: Europe and the
Mediterranean                                                 285
Paul Halsall
16  Gender in the Ancient Americas: From Earliest Villages to European
Colonization                                                  305
Rosemary A. Joyce
Gender and the Development of Modern Society (1400-1750)
17 Gender History, Southeast Asia, and the "World Regions" Framework  323
Barbara Watson Andaya
18 Did Gender Have a Renaissance? Exclusions and Traditions
in Early Modern Western Europe                                343
Julie Hardwick
19 Self, Society, and Gender in Early Modern Russia and Eastern Europe  358
Nancy Shields Kollmann
20 A New World Engendered: The Making of the Iberian
Transatlantic Empires                                         371
Verena Stolcke
Gender and the Modern World (1750-1920)
21 Rescued from Obscurity: Contributions and Challenges in Writing the
History of Gender in the Middle East and North Africa         393
Judith Tucker
22 Gender, Women, and Power in Africa, 1750-1914                 413
Marcia Wright
23 Clash of Cultures: Gender and Colonialism in South and
Southeast Asia                                                430
Nupur Chaudhuri
24  From Private to Public Patriarchy: Women, Labor and
the State in East Asia, 1600-1919                             444
Anne Walthall
25 Gender in the Formation of European Power, 1750-1914           459
Deborah Valenze
26 Latin America and the Caribbean                                477
Sonya Lipsett-Rivera
27 North America from North of the 49th Parallel                  492
Linda Kealey
Gender in the Contemporary World (1920-2003)
28 Frameworks of Gender: Feminism and Nationalism in
Twentieth-Century Asia                                        513
Barbara Molony
29 Women and Gender Roles in Africa Since 1918: Gender
as a Determinant of Status                                    540
Sean Redding
30 Continuities Amid Change: Gender Ideas and Arrangements
in Twentieth-Century Russia and Eastern Europe                555
Barbara Evans Clements
31 Engendering Reform and Revolution in Twentieth-Century
Latin America and the Caribbean                               568
Susan K. Besse
32 Equality and Difference in the 'Twentieth-Century West:
North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand     586
Charles Sowerwine with Patricia Grimshaw

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