Table of contents for The battle for Spain : the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 / Antony Beevor.

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LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS                           ix
MAPS                                            xi
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                              xxiii
INTRODUCTION                                   XXV
ORGANIZATIONS                                 xxix
INITIALS                                     xxxiii
PART ONE: Old Spain and the Second Republic      I
I. Their Most Catholic Majesties                   3
2. Royal Exit                                     11
3. The Second Republic                           z2
4. The Popular Front                              34
5. The Fatal Paradox                              44
PART TWO: The War of Two Spains                 53
6. The Rising of the Generals                     55
7. The Struggle for Control                       71
8. The Red Terror                                 81
9. The White Terror                               88
io. The Nationalist Zone                           95
Ii. The Republican Zone                          ioz0
I z. The Army of Africa and the People's Militias  I15
PART THREE: The Civil War Becomes International  z29
13. Arms and the Diplomats                        131
14. Sovereign States                              142
15. The Soviet Union and the Spanish Republic     150
16. The International Brigades and the Soviet Advisers  157
17. The Battle for Madrid                         166
PART FOUR: World War by Proxy                 187
18. The Metamorphosis of the War                 189
19. The Battles of the Jarama and Guadalajara    zo08
20. The War in the North                         2z3
zi. The Propaganda War and the Intellectuals     239
PART FIVE: Internal Tensions                  251
zz. The Struggle for Power                       253
23. The Civil War within the Civil War           263
24. The Battle of Brunete                        274
25. The Beleaguered Republic                     287
26. The War in Arag6n                            294
27. The Destruction of the Northern Front and of
Republican Idealism                           301
PART SIX: The Route to Disaster               311
z8. The Battle of Teruel and Franco's 'Victorious Sword'  313
29. Hopes of Peace Destroyed                     328
30. Arriba Espafia!                              340
31. The Battle of the Ebro                       349
32. The Republic in the European Crisis          360
33. The Fall of Catalonia                        371
34. The Collapse of the Republic                 384
PART SEVEN: Vae Victis!                       399
35. The New Spain and the Franquist Gulag        401
36. The Exiles and the Second World War          410
37. The Unfinished War                           419
38. Lost Causes                                  425
BIBLIOGRAPHY                                  433
SOURCES                                       450
NOTES                                         451
INDEX                                         495

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