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Sustainable Mobility
1 Charging for the Use of Roads: Policies and Recent Initiatives   3
2 Sustainability Evaluation of Urban Transport Pricing Policies    33
3 Using a System Dynamics Model to Analyse the Impacts of Transport
Pricing Policies                                                 49
4 Electronic Collection of Distance-Based Motorway Tolls- Legal and
Practical Problems of a German Experiment                        65
5 The American Love Affair with Cars: The Mixed Beats of Taxation's
Background Music                                                 85
6 Americans and their "Wheels": Tax Policy for Sustainable Mobility  113
7 Fiscal Instruments and the Management of Transition to Sustainable
Mobility in Australia - Challenges and Prospects               143
8 How to move Sydney: An evaluation of the use of Hypothecating
Taxation to Finance Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in
Australia's Largest City                                        165
9 Road Pricing in Theory and Practice: A Canadian Perspective     187
to Efficiency of Economic Instruments in Passenger Transport:
A Case Study of the Czech Republic                              215
11 Parking fees as an Instrument of Traffic Demand Management:
Some Critical Issues in the Italian Experience                  227
Environmental Tax Reform
12 The Earmarking of Revenues Within Enviromental Tax Policy      249
13 Environmental Taxation and the Double Dividend Hypothesis      263
14 Enviromental Tax Reform and Competitiveness                    281
15 The Tuscany Region Experience in Environmental Taxation Reform  295
16 Remarks on Few Modest Signs of Environmental Tax Reform in Finland 321
17 Policy and Economic Analysis of Enviromental Tax Reform
Options and Designs for the Czech Republic                      343
18 Ecological Tax Reform in Germany: History, Design, Marketing,
Experiences and Impacts.                                        369
19 Towards a General Environmental Tax Code:
A Review of Spanish Regional and International Experiences      379
20 Greening the Dutch Tax System:
Selection Criteria used by the Dutch Green Tax Commissions      399
21 Signs of a Greening Tax System in Flanders?                     425
22 The Business of Primary Production in Australia
- The need for a Consolidated Taxing Regime                     443
Renewable Energy
23 The Use of Environmental Taxation Incentives to Encourage Investment
in Solar Power                                                457
24 Producing Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources - Fiscal Measures
in Australia                                                  465
Waste Management
25 An Investigation into Waste Taxes and Charges                 481
26 Revenue Service and Environmental Taxes: a Comparative Study of the
Irish and South African Approaches to a Levy on Plastic Bags  491
27 Do Tax Concessions for Mining Site Rehabilitation Work?
Evaluating to Years of Reform                                 509
28 Fee and rebate Systems to Foster Ecologically Sound
Urban Waste Management                                        523
Land Use Management
29 Local Government Rates in New South Wales, Australia:
An Environmental Tax?                                         533
30 Environmental taxation and Floods in Italy: Problems and Proposals  553
31 A Revealing Landvaluescape:
Making Property Tax More Acceptable Using Value Maps          561
Choice of Instrument
32 The Economic Analysis of Voluntary Approaches to
Environmental Protection.                                     589
33 Environmental Effectiveness of Different Policy Instruments   623
34 Market-based Instruments for Water Pollution Management:
An Assessment of International Approaches                     639
35 Environmental Taxes Compared With Environmental Penalties     657
36 The Deductibility of Environmental Fines, Penalties and Payments from
Income - A Comparison of the Australian and Canadian Approaches  671
37 Environmental Charges in Russia
- From the Taxation Approach to the Charge Model              705

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