Table of contents for Behavioral public finance / Edward J. McCaffery and Joel Slemrod, editors.

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ECONOMETRICS                           1
Chapter 1    Toward an Agenda for Behavioral
Public Finance                         3
Edward J. McCaffery and Joel Slemrod
Chapter 2    Statistical, Identifiable, and
Iconic Victims                        32
George Loewenstein, Deborah A. Small,
and Jeff Strnad
Chapter 3    Distinguishing Between Cognitive
Biases                                47
Hanming Fang and Dan Silverman
PART II        BEHAVIOR AND POLICY                   83
Chapter 4    Masking Redistribution (or Its Absence)  85
Jonathan Baron and Edward J. McCaffery
Chapter 5    Mispredicting Utility and the Political
Process                              113
Bruno S. Frey and Alois Stutzer
Chapter 6    Hyperopia in Public Finance          141
Lee Anne Fennell
PART III       TAX COMPLIANCE                       173
Chapter 7    Value Added Tax Compliance           175
Paul Webley, Caroline Adams, and
Henk Elffers
Chapter 8     Trust and Taxation                     206
Terrence Chorvat
Chapter 9     Tax Evasion: Artful or Artless Dodging? 233
John Cullis, Philip Jones, and Alan Lewis
PART IV         RETIREMENT BEHAVIOR                    259
Chapter 10    Accounting for Social Security Benefits  261
Howell E. Jackson
Chapter 11    Saving for Retirement on the Path of
Least Resistance                       304
James J. Choi, David Laibson, Brigitte C.
Madrian, and Andrew Metrick
PART V          RESERVATIONS                           353
Chapter 12    Second-Order Rationality               355
Richard A. Epstein

Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Finance, Public Psychological aspects, Economics Psychological aspects, Emotions and cognition, Finance, Public Decision making, Human behavior Economic aspects