Table of contents for Assertive religious identities : India and Europe / edited by Satish Saberwal, Mushirul Hasan.

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1. Who is a Malayali Anyway? Language, Community
and Identity in Precolonial Kerala
G. Arunima                                      33
2. From Dar-ul-Harbto Dar-ul-Islam?:
Chishti Sufi Accounts and the Emergence
of Islam in the Delhi Sultanate
Raziuddin Aquil                                 59
3. Conflict and Coexistence: Jews in Europe
under Muslim and Christian Rule
Michael Brenner                                  85
4. Living Plurally: A Nineteenth-Century Delhi Intelligentsia
Mushirul Hasan                                  103
5. Standardizing Muslim Scholarship:
The Nadwat al-ulama
Jan-Peter Hartung                               121
6. Local Roots of Tablighi Jamaat in Orissa
Syed Zainuddin                                 145
7. Assertive Religious Identities, Secular Nation States and the
Question of Pluralism: The Case of the Tablighi Jamaat
Anindita Chakrabarti                            171
8. Hindutva Ideas of the Past
Pradip Kumar Datta                             199
9. The Navigators of Hindu Rashtra: RSS Pracharaks
Pralay Kanungo                                 233
10. Trishul Diksha, Cross Burning and the Politics of Hate
Amar Farooqui                                   255
11. Identity Assertions as Contentious Acts
Ranabir Samaddar                               271
12. The Evolution of Political Islam in Jammu
and Kashmir
V. Nagendra Rao and Rekha Chowdhary            295
13. Do Hindu and Islamic Transnational Religious
Movements represent Cosmopolitanism
and Difference?
Shail Mayaram                                  323
14. Adivasi vs. Vanvasi: The Politics of Conversion
in Central India
Nandini Sundar                                 357
15. In Pursuit of Tolerance: Why Liberty should
Receive Priority
Gurpreet Mahajan                               395
16. Asserting Religious Identities in the
Federal Republic of Germany
Michael Dusche                                  415
17. Transcending Religious Identities:
Amrita Pritam and Partition
Nonica Datta                                   439

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