Table of contents for Unpublished material relating to Robert Boyle's Memoirs for the natural history of human blood / edited by Michael Hunter and Harriet Knight.

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Text of the material for the planned second edition of Boyle's Memoirs for the Natural
History of Human Blood
a. Boyle's introductory remarks                                 1
b. Boyle's material for the second edition of Human Blood       3
Boyle's Sets of 'Heads'
. 'Tryall about the bloud espetially humane'                   19
d. 'Heads of the History of human blood'                       20
. 'Titles of the 1st Order For the Natural History of Human Blood
(of healthy men)', etc.                                      21
f. 'Materials for the Scheme of Titles of the Second Classis of the
Natural History of Human Blood.'                             23
. 'Primary Titles Additional' and 'Secondary Titles or Subtitles For
the History of Human Blood'                                  25
h. 'Preliminary Titles' and 'Titles of the first Order' for the history of blood 28
i.'Tryals to be made on humane blood'                          31
j. Untitled heads concerning the Gall                           32
Table Collating the Main Versions of the Heads for the History of
Human Blood                                                  33

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