Table of contents for The new wars of the West : Anglo-American voices on the War on Terror / edited by Paul Moorcraft ; contributing editors, Gwyn Winfield & John Chisholm ; foreword by Stephen Tanner.

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One   Aftermath of 9/11
Feith in the Future                                   7
Douglas Feith, US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy
Post Apocalyptic by Gwyn Winfield                    10
Two   War Against Saddam: Dissenting Voices
Descending Staircase to Disaster                     15
George Galloway MP
The Father of the House                              25
Tam Dalyell MP
A Liberal Dose of Realpolitik                        28
Sir Menzies Campbell MP
War, Church and State                                34
Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
The Road to Baghdad by Paul Moorcraft                37
In the Bunker                                        41
Tariq Aziz, former deputy Prime Minister of Iraq
Three War Against Saddam: The "Official" Line
The Beginning of the War                             45
Geoff Hoon MP, UK Secretary of State for Defence
British Air Power                                    51
Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire
Virtuous Intervention-and Good Luck                  55
The Rt. Hon. Lord Hurd of Westwell, former
Conservative Foreign Secretary
Perles of Wisdom                                     59
Richard Perle, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense
for International Security Policy
CBW Genie Out of the Bottle?                        65
Professor Richard Holmes, Cranfield University
Last Chance Saloon                                  68
Peter Rodman, US Assistant Secretary of Defense
for International Security Affairs
Four Conduct of the War: Overwhelming Iraq
An Overview of Land, Sea and Air Operations         73
John Chisholm
Desert Rat                                          78
Brigadier Graham Binns, 7 Armoured Brigade
Allied Amphibious Assault                           86
Major General Jim Dutton, Commandant General,
Royal Marines
Holding the Red Card                                93
Rear Admiral David Snelson
Engaging the Enemy More Closely                    101
Lt. Commander Mike Leaney, Lt. Commander
Andy Swain and Captain Roger Robinson-Brown
Showdown in the Sun                                105
Chief Warrant Officer Stacy Jeambert,
1st US Marine Division
Five  Operational Lessons Learned
Ruler of the Queen's Navy                          112
Admiral Sir Alan West, First Sea Lord
Up Tempo                                           118
Lt. General Claude Christianson, Chief of Logistics,
US Army
Red Lessons                                        125
Lt. General Ronald Keys, deputy Chief of Staff
for Air and Space Operations, USAF
The Lessons of Iraq for the British Army           132
Brigadier R.A.M.S. (Mungo) Melvin, the
Director of Land Warfare
Six   Imperial Overstretch
Policing the World                                 140
Dr. John Mackinlay, War Studies Department,
King's College, London
The Long Haul                                      148
Richard Lee Armitage, US Deputy Secretary of State
High-Intensity Warfare-But Only With the Yanks     153
Paul Keetch MP, Liberal Democrat defence spokesman
"I Wasn't Going to Cut Your Throat"                156
Lord Guthrie, former UK Chief of Defence Staff
Teaching UAVs to Dogfight?                         163
General John Jumper, Chief of Staff, USAF
Seven Ending and Resolving Wars: Afghanistan
Afghanistan: A Personal Perspective                169
Paul Moorcraft
Commanding the "Peace"                             172
Major General John McColl, British commander,
International Security Assistance Force
Building Work Ahead                                175
Gwyn Winfield
Any Old Iron                                       179
Colonel Richard Davies, commander, UK
Provincial Reconstruction Team, Mazar-i-Sharif
Divide and Rule                                    183
General Mohammed Attah, General Abdul Dostum
Tracking the Taliban                               187
Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense, and
Lieutenant General David Barno, commander
US forces, Afghanistan
Not West Belfast                                   190
Colonel Mike Griffiths, British Army
Eight Undertaking Occupation: Iraq
A War of Unintended Consequences                   195
Lindsey Hilsum, Channel Four News Int'l Editor
Reinventing the Wheel                              201
former US Ambassador Timothy Carney
Needle in a Haystack                               206
Dimitri Perricos, Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC
Nine The Broader Middle East Conflict
Sudan: the bin Laden Connection                   215
Paul Moorcraft
The West Bank: Can There Ever Be Peace?              226
Paul Moorcraft
Israel's "War on Terror"                            231
Brig. General Eival Gilady, Israeli Defense Force
Battles in a Twice-Promised Land                    236
Brig. General Gershon HaCohen, Israeli Defense Force
Ten   The Global War on Terror
NATO: Modernization versus Marginalization           242
George Robertson, then Secretary General of NATO
The Rumsfeld Question                                247
Dr. Paul Cornish, Director, Centre for Defence
Studies, King's College, London
Eleven Homeland Security: The UK Example
Battle of Britain Mark 2                            253
Paul Moorcraft, Gwyn Winfield, John Chisholm
Chasing Shadows                                     259
Patrick Mercer MP, the Conservative Shadow
"Minister for Homeland Security"
Eternal Vigilance                                   266
Nick Raynsford, the Minister responsible for
UK resilience
Heart to Hart                                       272
City of London Police Commissioner Dr. James Hart
Finessing the Terrorist Threat                      278
David Veness, Assistant Commissioner, specialist
operations, Metropolitan Police
Twelve Future Shock
Paper Tiger: Real Teeth by Gwyn Winfield            285
A New Hundred Years' War? by Paul Moorcraft         292

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