Table of contents for Married to the military : a survival guide for military wives, girlfriends, and women in uniform / Meredith Leyva.

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1    Welcome to the Adventure of Military Life!      1
Dealing with Jargon, Political Correctness,
and Other Nonsense                             2
2    Your First Day as CinCHouse                     6
Getting Documented                               6
Getting to Know Your Base                       10
3    Controlling Your Family's Destiny              14
Getting Started in the Military                 15
Understanding Career Tracks                     17
The Daily Grind                                 18
The Reality of Relocation                       20
Reservists' Duties                              24
Differences Between Military and Civilian Jobs  24
4    Community and Family Resources                 27
Government and Nonprofit Organizations          27
Civil Servants vs. Bureaucrats:
How to Get Business Done on Base             33
Spouse Clubs and Command Family Support Groups  35
What Are Other Military Wives and Female
Servicemembers Like, Anyway?                 37
The Case for Getting Involved                   39
5    Protocol, or How to Get Along in a Hierarchy   42
Ranks and Privileges                            42
What the Uniform Means                         45
And Your Name Is ... ?                          50
What to Wear? The Appropriate Dress
for Every Military Occasion                  52
6    Your Portable Career                           57
7    Personal Finances-Military Style               65
How Military Pay Works                          65
Reserve Pay                                     71
How to Read a Leave and Earnings
Statement (Pay Stub)                         72
Taxable vs. Nontaxable Income                  82
Problems with Military Pay                      82
Direct Deposit                                  83
Tax and Regulatory Benefits                    83
Lower Your Interest Rates by Going to War       85
Retirement Benefits                             86
How Politics Affects Your Retirement            88
Survivor's Benefits and Life Insurance          89
Educational Benefits                            91
8    Health Care Benefits                           94
Myths About Military vs. Civilian Care          94
Tricare: The HMO for the Military              97
How Tricare's Coverage Rates                    99
Tricks for Getting the Best Health Care        101
Tricare Regions and Contact Information        104
Dental Care                                    106
9    Relocation and Housing                        108
Moving Your Household Goods                    109
Reimbursement for Your Travel                  112
House-Hunting Leave                            116
The Logistical Process of Moving with the Military  118
Storage                                        119
Shipping Your Cars                             120
Shipping a Mobile Home                         121
Shipping Your Boat                             121
Shipping Firearms                              122
Relocating Pets                                122
Traveling Overseas                             123
Moving Out                                     125
The Big Trip                                   130
Moving In                                      130
Housing                                        135
Easing the Transition to a New Community       138
Pearls of Wisdom for a Great Move              140
Master Relocation Checklist                    141
10   Marriage Hoo-ah!                               146
Creating a Family Strategy and Lifetime Dreams  146
A Big "If"                                     152
Calling All Military Men: Better Ways to
Communicate with Your Wife                   155
Handling Deployment Separation Together        156
Extra Parenting Skills for Military Couples    161
11   The Adventures of Military Life                165
Furnishing a Military Household                165
How to Vacation at Almost No Cost              169
Children's Activities (for Kids from 2 to 92)  171
12   What Happens When the Worst Happens-
and What to Do                               173
When a Servicemember Dies                      173
When You Must Live Near an Ailing Family Member  174
If You Must Separate from an Abusive Spouse    174
When Your Servicemember's Pay Gets Screwed Up
and You Have No Money for Groceries or Bills  175
When You Have Emergency Expenses              175
When You Desperately Need to Track Down
a Deployed Servicemember                    175
When Both Parents or a Single Parent Is in the
Military and Forced to Deploy               176
13   Preventing Trouble in Paradise                177
14   Really Stupid Acronyms and Jargon             181

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