Table of contents for From disintegration to reintegration : Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in international trade / edited by Harry G. Broadman.

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Overview                                              1
Coming "Full Circle?" The Reemergence of
Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in
International Markets                           7
The Region's Openness to Trade Today:
How Does It Compare with the Rest of the World? 21
How Have the Region's Countries Opened Trade
and Increased International Integration?
The Role of Trade Policy                       24
Beyond Trade Policy: The Pivotal Role of
Behind-the-Border Reforms in the Region's
International Reintegration                    29
Conclusion: Policy Agenda, Reform Linkages,
and Action Plan                                39
1  Introduction                                      51
Scope of the Study                                54
Structure of the Study                            55
2  Trade Patterns and Performance of Eastern Europe and
the Former Soviet Union since the Transition     61
Introduction                                    61
Regional Dichotomy in the Growth of Merchandise
and Services Trade Flows                      62
Bifurcation in the Destinations and Origins of
the Region's Trade Flows                      70
Bipolar Clustering in Product Concentration,
Commodity Composition, and Factor Intensity   78
Sub-Regional Variation in Sources of Intertemporal
Change in the Region's Export and
Import Market Shares                          88
A Dichotomy in the Interactions between
Trade Intensity and Domestic Competition
and Governance                                93
Uneven Development of Trade-Facilitation
Infrastructure and Institutions               94
Intraindustry Trade and Global Production-Sharing
Networks: Can FDI Enable Mobility between
the Two Poles?                                96
How Does the Region's Openness to Trade
Compare with That of Other Regions?          100
Conclusions                                    109
3  Trade Policies and Institutions                 121
Introduction                                    121
Trade Policy                                    124
Institutional and Other Domestic Constraints    136
Global Integration                             151
Conclusions                                     174
4  Roles of Domestic Competition and Governance in the
Region's International Integration: A "Two-Way" Street  185
Introduction                                    185
Interrelationships between Competition,
Market Structure, and International Integration  187
Variation in International Integration among the
Firms of the Region                          189
Impacts of Entry and Exit Barriers on
International Integration                    193
Market Dominance and International Integration  198
Transactions with the State                    201
Property Rights Protection and
Contract Enforcement                        203
Governance and Corruption                      204
Impact of Competition and Governance on
Firm Performance in the Region              207
Institutional Capacity for Competition
and Governance                              209
Conclusion                                     218
5  Trade-Facilitation: Challenges and Opportunities in
Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union     225
Introduction                                   225
Trade Facilitation Conditions across the Region  227
Assessing Trade Gains for the Region from
Domestic Capacity Building                  259
Moving Forward on the Trade-Facilitation Agenda
in the Region                               273
6  Services Trade and Investment in Eastern Europe and
the Former Soviet Union                         281
Introduction                                   281
Shifts in the Structure of Services in the Region  284
Trade in Services in the Region                286
FDI in Services in the Region                  296
Policy Stances and Reform Progress             297
Trade Agreements: EU Accession, Regional
Cooperation, and the WTO                    315
Services Reforms and Growth Performance        323
Conclusions                                    325
7  Linkages between Foreign Direct Investment
and Trade Flows                                 337
Introduction                                   337
International Production and Distribution
Networks                                    339
FDI: The Driver of Network Trade Expansion     351
Why Some Countries Got Involved and Others Are
Yet to Tap into Networks                    364
Lessons for Countries Left outside Global
Production Chains                           370
8  Policy Agenda, Reform Linkages, and Action Plan  377
Bibliography                                      385
Index                                             401
1.1  Trade under Central Planning              52
2.1  Quality of Foreign Trade Statistics for
the Region                                63
3.1  Turkey's Trade Policies and Institutions  126
3.2   Russo-Ukrainian Trade Wars              130
3.3  The Interrelationships between Trade,
Growth, and Poverty Reduction in the Region  137
3.4  The General Agreement on Trade in Services
(GATS)                                   144
3.5  Transit Problems in the CIS              150
3.6  Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
and Transition                           152
3.7  Moldova's Free Trade Arrangements        162
3.8  Harmonization of FTAs in Southeastern
Europe: The Options Ahead                165
4.1  Arrears as Constraints on Firm Performance
in SEE                                   197
4.2  The "Home-Grown" Construction Sector
in SEE: Evidence from Business Case Studies  203
4.3  Using Prepayment to Reduce Contractual
Risks in Bosnia and Herzegovina          205
4.4  Market Dominance and Anticompetitive
Pricing in Serbia and Montenegro         211
4.5   Economic Incentives in Turkey           214
4.6  Free Economic Zones in the
Kyrgyz Republic                          216
5.1  Examples of Development Assistance in
Trade Facilitation in the Region         247

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