Table of contents for AIDS and heart disease / edited by Ronald Ross Watson.

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Part I Cardiovascular Complications and In Vitro Models
1. Heart Disease in AIDS                                                  1
Qianli Yu and Ronald Ross Watson
2. Mechanisms of Atherogenesis in HIV Infection                           7
Guha Krishnaswamy, Kai Liu, Chuangfu Li, Daniel Sijipunda
Dube, and David S. Chi
3. Role of HIV-1 Macropinocytosis and Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis
in the Pathogenesis of HIV Cardiomyopathy                            33
Milan Fiala, Kenneth P. Roos, William R. MacLellan,
and Albert S. Lossinsky
4. HIV-1 and the Blood-Brain Barrier                                     41
Kwang Sik Kim
5. HIV, Cocaine, and the Heart: Pathophysiology and Clinical
Implications                                                         55
John F. Setaro, Brian G. Abbott, and Arthur Margolin
6. HIV-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy                             71
Anja S. Miihlfeld, Stephan Segerer, and Charles E. Alpers
7. Pathogenesis of HIV-Associated Vasculopathy                           85
Lance S. Terada and Ru Feng Wu
8. Causative Factors of Cardiovascular Complications in AIDS            101
Yinhong Chen and Ronald Ross Watson
9. HIV-Associated Vascular Disease and Endothelial Injury               111
Changyi (Johnny) Chen, Peter H. Lin, Alan B. Lumsden,
and Qizhi (Cathy) Yao
10. Tat-Induced Angiogenesis                                             129
Harris E. McFerrin, Deborah E. Sullivan, Anne B. Nelson,
Heather L. LaMarca, Bryan D. Shelby, and Cindy A. Morris
Part II Nutrition: Causation and Prevention
11. Nutrients as Modulators of Immune Dysfunction and Dyslipidemia
in AIDS                                                             163
Raxit J. Jariwalla
12. Antioxidant Vitamins and Heart Disease Prevention                    177
Jin Zhang and Ronald Ross Watson
13. Nutrients and Treatment of Heart Disease in AIDS                     187
Ramon Tomds Sepulvedc and Ronald Ross Watson
14. Will Soy Protein Help HIV Patients with Cardiovascular Risk?         197
Kelly J. Blackstock
15. N-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation in AIDS Patients with Cardiac
Complications                                                       205
Zeina Makhoul
16. A Role for Dietary Protein in the AIDS Wasting Syndrome
and Heart Disease?                                                  217
Jaclyn Maurer
17. Role of Antioxidants in Reducing Heart Disease in HIV-Infected
Patients                                                            225
Yingying Liu and Ronald Ross Watson
18. Antioxidant Vitamins and Antiretroviral Therapy During HIV
Infection: Effects on Oxidative Damage                              233
Jin Zhang and Ronald Ross Watson
19. Vitamin E Retards Heart Disease in AIDS Patients                     241
Jennifer J. Ravia and Ronald Ross Watson
Part III Drug Abuse: Promotion of Retroviral Heart Disease
20. HIV- and Cocaine-Induced Subclinical Atherosclerosis                 247
Shenghan Lai, Qingyi Meng, and Jodo A. C. Lima
21. Cocaine, HIV, and Heart Disease: Research at NIDA
and Recommendations for Future Research                             259
Jag H. Khalsa and Sander G. Genser
22. Cocaine-Induced Exacerbation of Viral Myocarditis                    265
Jufeng Wang and James P. Morgan
23. Role of the Catecholamine-Nitric Oxide System in
Cocaine- and HIV-Induced Vascular Inflammation
and Its Pharmacological Implications                                 281
David S. Chi, William L. Stone, Hiren B. Patel,
and Guha Krishnaswamy
24. Cardiovascular Complications of HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse          299
Jag H. Khalsa
Part IV Lipodystrophy
25. Lipids, Lipodystrophy, and AIDS                                       307
Jean Ducobu and M. C. Payen
26. Pathogenesis of HIV-Associated Cardiovascular Complications
in the HAART Era                                                     327
Giuseppe Barbaro
27. Lipodystrophy Syndrome and HIV Disease                                347
Aurea Westrick-Thompson and Simin Bourchi-Vaghefi
28. The Role of N-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Coronary Artery
Disease and Arrhythmias in AIDS Patients: A Hypothesis               359
Elizabeth H. Sheppard
Part V Animal Models of Retrovirus-Related Heart Disease
29. Cardiovascular Involvement in Simian AIDS in Nonhuman
Primates                                                             367
George G. Sokos, Angela A. L. Carville, and Richard P. Shannon
30. Cardiac Disease in HIV-1 Tg Animals                                   377
Paul Jolicoeur, Ping Yue, Zaher Hanna, Marie-Chantal Simard,
and Denis G. Kay
31. Murine AIDS and HIV-1 Dementia                                        387
Mohsen Araghi-Niknam

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