Table of contents for The management of non-governmental development organizations : an introduction / David Lewis.

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1 Introduction: the growth of the 'NGO management debate'      1
Introduction  1
The gro'ing - but reluctant - interest by NGOs
in questions of management  8
The idea of management  14
The rise of development management  16
The new yield of 'third sector management' 20
Approaching 'NGO management' 22
2 Context , histories and relevant concepts                   29
Introduction  29
Terminological muddles  33
Problems of defining NGOs  36
The histories of NGOs  39
NGOs and 'civil society' 44
From civil society to the 'third sector' 56
Conclusion   60
3 NGOs ard development                                        62
NGOs and the 'aid industry' 62
NGOs and the contexts of 'development' and 'relief' 67
Analysing NGO roles: implementers, catalysts
and partners 68
Effectiveness: are NGOs any good at what they do? 76
Conclusion 81
4 Culture and ambiguity: anthropological approaches
to NGO management                                            83
Introduction 83
NGOs and organization theory 86
Leadership and life cycles: Korten's model of
NGO generations 88
Organizational learning 93
NGOs and organizational culture 96
Cross-cultural management, diversity
and globalization 100
Power, culture and ambiguity: anthropological
approaches 103
Conclusionn  106
5 Advocacy and service delivery: managing the main
NGO activities                                             109
Introduction  109
Service delivery: means or end?  110
NGOs and advocacy: strategies for structural change  123
The role of innovation in NGO management 130
Evaluation, impact and 'scaling up'  134
Conclusion 138
6 NGOs and the management of relationships                    140
Introduction  140
NGO relations with communities  146
NGO relations with government  148
NGOs and the business sector  151
NGOs and international development agencies  155
The rise of the discourse of 'partnership'  158
Conclusion 160
7 NGOs and the dynamics of internal management          162
Introduction  162
Thirt sector management research  165
Inter al management  172
The capacity building' debate  180
Organizational change and NGOs  184
Conclusion  187
8 Conclusion: towards an understanding of
NGO   management                                         189
Introduction  189
The composite model  190
Mudying the waters: hybridity and ambiguity  193
The growth of complexity  196
Conculsion  197

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