Table of contents for Inert gases in the control of museum insect pests / Charles Selwitz, Shin Maekawa.

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1 Chapter 1 Mechanisms of Insect Mortality
Anoxia at High Humidities      7
Chapter 2 Anoxia as a Conservation Procedure
From Food Preservation to Conservation
Early Museum Anoxia Studies
Determining Kill Times
Thermal Techniques
Killing Burrowed Insects        17
Chapter 3 Methods and Materials
Barrier Films
Gas Supplies
Oxygen Scavengers
Heat Sealers
Adhesive Strips
Portals                           29
Chapter 4 Operational Problems and Practices
Argon versus Nitrogen
Electronic Oxygen Monitors
Passive Oxygen Monitors
Carbon Dioxide Monitors
Relative Humidity Monitors
Temperature Sensors
Leak Detectors
Monitoring Life Signs
Safe Use of Nontoxic Fumigants      41
Chapter 5  Anoxia Treatment in Barrier-Film Bags
General Procedures
Conservators' Experience
Comments                              49
Chapter 6  Anoxia Treatment in a Dynamic Mode
Treatment in Small Pouches
Treatment in Constructed Containments
Objects at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Back Seat Dodge '38
The Spanish Piano                       57
Chapter 7 Reusable Anoxia Systems
Flexible Chambers
The Getty Barrier-Film Tent
The Small Rentokil Bubble
The Large Rentokil Bubble
Rigid Chambers
Homemade Containers
Vacufume Chambers                         67
Chapter 8 Fumigation with Carbon Dioxide
Effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide versus Nitrogen
Carbon Dioxide Fumigation Requirements
Treatment Experience in the United States
Old Sturbridge Village
The Winterthur Museum
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
The Oakland Museum
The Smithsonian Institution
Treatment Experience in Canada
The National Museum of Science and Technology
The Canadian Museum of Civilization
Treatment Experience in Germany             79
Appendix A: Professional Contacts          81
Appendix B: Materials and Suppliers          91
Appendix C: Common and Scientific Names of Insect Species

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