Table of contents for Psychological responses to the new terrorism : a NATO-Russia dialogue / edited by Simon Wessely and Valery N. Krasnov.

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Chapter 1. Introduction                                                    1
Simon Wessely and Valery N. Krasnov
Chapter 2.Introduction to and Mitigation of Psychological Effects of Weapons
of Mass Destruction (WMD)                                                  9
Ross H. Pastel and Elspeth Cameron Ritchie
Chapter 3. Emergency, Disaster, and Catastrophe: A Typology with Implications
for Terrorism Response                                                    25
Thomas A. Glass
Chapter 4. Cultural Precursors and Psychological Consequences of
Contemporary Western Responses to Acts of Terror                          37
Bill Durodid
Chapter 5. Towards a Public Mental Health Approach to Terror             55
Johan M. Havenaar and Evelyn J. Bromet
Chapter 6. Effects of Fear and Anger on Perceived Risks of Terrorism:
A National Field Experiment                                               67
Jennifer S. Lerner Roxana M. Gonzalez, Deborah A. Small
and Baruch Fischhoff
Chapter 7. Threats, Chemicals and Bodily Symptoms: A Psychological
Perspective                                                               81
Omer Van den Bergh
Chapter 8. Immediate Interventions - The Experience of the Emergency Mental
Health Service of EMERCOM of Russia                                      93
Sergei Aleksanin
Chapter 9. Social, Community and Individual Responses to Terrorist Attacks  97
Valery N. Krasnov
Chapter 10. Approaches to the Study of Suicide Terrorism: A Perspective from
Russia                                                                   107
Valery N. Krasnov
Chapter 11. Cross-Confessional Investigation of Religious Visions of the World
in the Context of the Fight against Terrorism                            115
Victor E Petrenko and Anna I. Yartseva
Chapter 12. Special Features of Emergency Psychological Assistance during
Acts of Terrorism                                                       125
Yulia S. Shoigu
Chapter 13. Perception and Experiencing of "Invisible Stress" (in Relation to
Radiation Incidents                                                    129
Nadejda V Tarabrina
Chapter 14. Can We Improve the Psychological Tolerance of
Populations to Chemical and Biological Terrorism?                      137
Vassily Yastrebov
Chapter 15. Stockholm Effects and Psychological Responses to Captivity in
Hostages Held by Suicidal Terrorists                                   139
Anne Speckhard, Nadejda Tarabrina and Natalia Mufel
Chapter 16. Tracking the Social Dynamics of Responses to Terrorism:
Language, Behavior, and the Internet                                   159
James W Pennebaker and Cindy K. Chung
Chapter 17. Treatment of Trauma Survivors with Acute Stress Disorder:
Achievements of Systematic Outreach                                    171
Arieh Y Shalev, Sara Freedman, Yossef sraeli-Shalev, Sarah
Frenkiel-Fishman and Rhonda Adessky
Chapter 18. Short and Long Term Psychological Reactions to Terrorism:
The Role of Information and the Authorities                            185
Simon Wessely
Chapter 19. Responding to Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear Terrorism:
The Indirect and Long-Term Health Effects May Present the Greatest Challenge  191
Kenneth C. Hyams, Frances Murphy and Simon Wessely
Chapter 20. Societal Responses to New Terrorism                        205
Ben Sheppard
Chapter 21. Appendix 1. Conclusions of the NATO Advanced Research
Workshop on Social and Psychological Consequences of Chemical and
Biological Terrorism Brussels, Belgium, 25-27 March 2002               223
S. Wessely and V Krasnov
Chapter 22. Appendix 2. Guidelines for Communicating the Risk of Chemical,
Biological or Nuclear Terrorism: How to Inform the Public, Improve Resilience
and not Generate Panic                                                 233
S. Wesselv. B. Fischhoffand V Krasnov

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