Table of contents for Teenage sexuality : opposing viewpoints / Ken R. Wells, book editor.

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Chapter 1: What Factors Influence Teen
Attitudes Toward Sex?
Chapter Preface                                      14
1. Parents Influence Teen Attitudes Toward Sex       16
Robert W Blum
2. Peer Pressure Shapes Teen Attitudes About Sex     25
MichaelJ. Basso
3. The Mass Media Influence Teen Sexual Attitudes    33
Jane D. Brown
4. Depression Shapes Teen Attitudes About Sex        42
Meg Meeker
5. Religion Influences Teen Sexual Attitudes         50
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
6. The Internet Influences Teen Sexual Attitudes     57
Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Patricia M. Greenfield,
and Brendesha Tynes
7. Physicians Shape Teen Attitudes About Sex         68
Jeffrey K. Clark, Rebecca A. Brey, and Amy E. Banter
Periodical Bibliography                              75
Chapter 2: Should Society Be Concerned About
Teen Sex?
Chapter Preface                                      77
1. Teen Pregnancy Is a Serious Problem              78
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
2. Teen Pregnancy Is Not a Serious Problem           88
Frederica Mathewes-Green
3. Teen Sex with Adults Is Harmful                  96
Micael J. Basso
4. Teen Sex with Adults Is Not Harmful              103
Judith Levine
Periodical Bibliography                             110
Chapter 3: How Should Society Respond to
Teen Sex?
Chapter Preface                                    112
1. Statutory Rape Laws Should Be Enforced          114
Part I: Kathleen Sylvester and Jonathan O'Connell;
Part II: Dale O'Leary
2. Enforcing Statutory Rape Laws Will Not
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy                        120
Patricia Donovan
3. States Should Enforce Parental Consent Laws     134
James C. Lesnett Jr and Stephen Daniels
4. States Should Not Enforce Parental Consent Laws  142
NARAL Pro-Choice America
5. Unwed Teen Mothers Should Be Encouraged
to Marry                                         150
Maggie Gallagher
6. Unwed Teen Mothers Should Not Be Encouraged
to Marry                                         157
Naomi Seller
Periodical Bibliography                             166
Chapter 4: What Should Teens Be Taught
About Sex?
Chapter Preface                                    168
1. Abstinence-Only Programs Work                   170
Robert Rector, Kirk A. Johnson, and Jennifer A. Marshall
2. Abstinence-Only Programs Do Not Work            177
American Civil Liberties Union
3. Homosexuality Should Be Discussed in High
Schools                                          183
Bill Boushka
4. Homosexuality Should Not Be Discussed in High
Schools                                          193
Linda P Harvey
5. Teaching About Condoms Can Prevent Sexually
Transmitted Diseases                             200
Heather Boonstra
6. Teaching About Condoms Cannot Prevent Sexually
Transmitted Diseases                        205
Meg Meeker

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