Table of contents for America in the twenty-first century / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor.

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Chapter 1: Is the American Lifestyle Sustainable?
Chapter Preface                                    17
1. America's Reliance on Oil Is Unsustainable      19
Emma Davy
2. America Can Safely Rely on Growing Oil Reserves  25
Robert L. Bradley Jr.
3. The American Lifestyle Is Destroying the
Environment                                     30
Derrick Z. Jackson
4. America Does Not Face an Environmental Crisis   34
Stephen Moore
5. Nuclear Power Can Be Used to Meet America's
Energy Requirements                             41
Tom Solon
6. Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Unsafe           44
Dan Becker
Periodical Bibliography                            48
Chapter 2: What Role Will Technology Play in
America's Future?
Chapter Preface                                    50
1. Genetically Engineered Foods Will Benefit
Americans                                        52
Linda Bren
2. Genetically Engineered Foods Will Harm
Americans                                       61
Jeffiey M. Smith
3. Hydrogen Will Be the Answer to America's
Energy Problems                                 67
Julian Gresser and James A. Clusnmano
4. Hydrogen Will Not Be the Answer to America's
Energy Problems                                  78
Michael Behar
5. Gas-Electric Hybrid Automobiles Will Help
Reduce U.S. Oil Use                              88
Lester R. Brown
6. Nanotechnology Will Benefit Americans in the
Twenty-First Century                             93
Morgan' O'Rourke
7. Space Exploration Will Play an Important Role in
America's Future                                100
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Periodical Bibliography                           107
Chapter 3: How Can Life for Americans Be
Chapter Preface                                   109
1. America Should Move Toward a Socialized
Health Care System                              111
Paul Kru,gman
2. America's Health Care System Should Not Be
Socialized                                      115
Jane Orient
3. Strict Limits Should Be Imposed on Immigration  120
Steven A. Camarota
4. Strict Limits Should Not Be Imposed on
Immigration                                     128
Jacob G. Hornberger
5. America's Education System Must Be Improved    135
Koret Task Force on K-12 Education
6. America's Education System Has Improved        142
James B. Hunt Jr
7. Diverting Money into Private Accounts Would
Strengthen Social Security                      147
George TV Bush
8. Diverting Money into Private Accounts Would
Weaken Social Security                        153
Douglas Holbrook
Periodical Bibliography                          159
Chapter 4: What Type of Foreign Policy Should
the United States Pursue?
Chapter Preface                                  161
1. Spreading Democracy Overseas Will Enhance
U.S. Security                                 163
George W. Bush
2. Spreading Democracy Overseas Will Not Enhance
U.S. Security                                 170
Gerard Alexander
3. U.S. Foreign Policy Should Be Based on
Preemption and Unilateralism                  178
Victor Davis Hanson
4. U.S. Foreign Policy Should Not Be Based on
Preemption and Unilateralism                  184
Craig Eisendrath
5. The United States Should Improve Its Relationship
with Europe                                   193
Jessica T. Matthews
6. U.S. Actions Cannot Reduce European Anti-
Americanism                                   201
Russell A. Berman

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