Table of contents for Government and politics in Britain : an introduction / John Kingdom.

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I Introduction: Studying Politics                                   I
What is Politics?                                                I
Political Science                                               13
Part I Politics in Context                                        21
2  The World of Ideas: Political Ideology                          23
Ideology and the Western Tradition                              25
Liberalism                                                      26
Socialism                                                       35
Conservatism                                                    39
A Changing Climate                                              42
Feminism                                                        43
Environmentalism                                                47
A Third Way?                                                    53
An End of Ideology?                                             55
3  The Constitution: the Unwritten and the Unknowable              60
Seeking the Constitution                                        60
Limiting Government                                             68
Protecting Individual Rights                                    73
A Written Constitution?                                         79
Unwritten and Unknowable?                                       82
4   The Global Context: This Sceptred Isle                          87
Britain Entering the Global Stage                                88
Reconstructing World Capitalism                                  90
The Global Economy Today                                         93
Globalized Violence                                              98
Globalized Governance: the Missing Dimension?                   102
Britain and the World: Three Spheres of Influence               106
Globalization in Question                                       110
5  Britain in Europe: Awkward Partners?                            118
The Entry Process                                               119
The Integration Process                                         120
An Anatomy of the EU                                            124
The Budget                                                      135
Europe as a Domestic Issue                                      137
What Next?                                                      140
6  A Disunited Kingdom: Territorial Politics                       148
Unity and Devolution                                            149
Ireland: a Terrible Beauty                                      156
Territorial Politics in the UK                                  167
7  The Social Context: Our Divided Society                         174
Political Culture                                               174
Classes Apart                                                   177
The Monstrous Regiment: Sexism in British Society               187
Race and Politics                                               191
Covering the Cracks                                             198
Part II Mobilizing the Demos                                      203
8  Mind Politics: What We Think                                    205
Political Socialization                                         206
The Press                                                       212
Broadcasting                                                    221
The 'New Media'                                                 227
Mind Politics                                                   229
9  The Electoral System: Parsimonious Democracy                    234
Representative Democracy                                        234
Economizing with Democracy: Evolution of the Electoral
System                                                        239
Electoral Behaviour                                             245
Influencing Voters: Politicians and the Election Campaign       257
The British Electoral System: Disproportional Representation?   262
A Crisis of Legitimacy?                                         273
10  The Politics of Power: a Life History of the Party System       277
Genesis                                                         279
Challenge to the Established Order: the Rise of the Labour Party  281
War and the Inter-war Era                                       283
The Era of Consensus: the End of Ideology?                      287
The Consensus Cracked: the 1970s                                291
The Thatcher Era: Fractured Consensus or New Centre?            292
The Major Years: Things Fall Apart                              295
New Labour, New Consensus                                       296
Evaluating Two-party Democracy                                  307
I I nside the Parties: Masses, Leaders and Powers Behind
Thrones                                                         312
Anatomy of the Mass Party                                       312
Inside the Parties: Tweedledum and Tweedledee?                  321
Who Pays the Piper?                                             334
Feathers and Favours                                            338
Masses, Leaders and Powers Behind Thrones                       341
Part 111  Government at the Centre                                 345
12  Pomp and Circumstance: the Living Dead of the
Constitution                                                    347
The Monarchy                                                    350
The House of Lords                                              359
The House of Commons                                            367
13  Parliament: Not to Reason Why                                   386
The Parliamentary Parties: Sustaining Government                387
Making Laws                                                     392
Debates in Parliament                                           398
Scrutiny of the Executive                                       401
Reporting Parliament: the Fourth Estate                         407
From Golden Age to Golden Sunset?                               410
14  The Heart of Government: of Cabinets and Kings                  417
An Anatomy of Cabinet Government                                419
The Prime Minister: Elective Dictatorship?                      436
A Monarchical Culture?                                          453
15  The Village of Whitehall: of Ministers and Mandarins          459
An Anatomy of a Bureaucracy                                   459
The Culture of Whitehall                                      466
Secrets of Success                                            472
Power in Whitehall: Obedient Servants?                        481
Managing the Mandarins: Reinventing Government?               488
Plus pa Change: Room at the Top                               490
16  Getting and Spending: the Politics of Public Expenditure      496
The Nature of Public Expenditure                              496
Paying for the State                                          502
Managing Capitalism                                           511
Public Expenditure and Long-term Economic Decline             520
17  The Politics of Influence: Who Gets What, When, How           528
The Group Approach                                            528
Explaining Group Politics                                     537
Beyond the Group Approach                                     551
Who Gets the Loot?                                            557
PartIV   The Outer Reaches of the Statet
Worlds Beyond Whitehall                                563
18  Arm's-length Administration: Quasi-autonomy,
Quasi-democracy                                               565
Introducing the Quango                                        565
Sick of Democracy: the National Health Service                568
Nationalizing Industry                                        571
Privatization: the Full Circle                                574
Regulating the Natural Monopolies                             581
Quangos in Politics                                           586
19  Local Government: the Grass Roots of Democracy                593
Evolution                                                     594
What Does Local Government Do?                                600
The Wider World of Local Governance                           602
The Local Political Environment                               605
Management and Leadership: the Dilemma of Local Democracy     612
Finance                                                       617
Local Government in a Centralist State                        621
Local Democracy in Crisis                                     624
20  Justice and Politics: Trials and Errors                        630
The Legal System                                               631
The Dramatis Personae                                           635
Questions of Impartiality                                      640
Judges and Politics                                             646
Administrative Justice                                          651
Law and Politics                                               658
21 The Coercive State: the Politics of Law and Order                663
Culture and the Policing Function                              666
Trends in Modern Policing                                       675
Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?: Who Guards the Guards?         684
Beyond the Blue Horizon                                        686
The Coercive State and the Community                            694
22  Thinking Synoptically                                           700

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