Table of contents for Displacement risks in Africa / edited by Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre.

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Part 1: Refugees and Reintegration of Returnees             15
1 No Solutions in Sight: The Problem of Protracted Refugee
Situations in Africa Jeff Crisp                             17
Introduction                                               17
Africa's long-term refugees                                17
Causes of protracted refugee situations                    18
Characteristics of protracted refugee situations in Africa  22
The human consequences                                    30
Survival strategies                                       36
Responding to protracted refugee situations               42
2 Coping with Displacement: Social Networking among Urban
Refugees in an East African Context Roos Willems            53
Introduction                                              53
Research setting and sample population                     55
Fending for oneself                                       57
Social networks                                           59
Ways of meeting alters and support received               62
Supportive ties and homophilous relationships             64
Policy reflections and recommendations                    69
3 The Uncertainties of the Child Soldier Experience and Subsequent
Reintegration into Civil Society Art Hansen                 78
Introduction                                              78
The rights of children in armed conflict                   81
How many children are soldiers?                            83
Risk and uncertainty                                      84
The education of children in civil and military societies  86
Demobilization and reintegration                           94
Three programmatic choices                                101
Uncertain reception in the community                      107
Conclusion                                                108
4 Belonging, Displacement, and Repatriation of Refugees: Reflections
on the Experiences of Eritrean Returnees Gaim Kibreab       116
Introduction                                              116
Statement of the problem                                  116
Territorial belonging in nationalist movements            120
Belonging and liberal theory                              123
Local peoples' perspectives on territorial belonging      128
Repatriation of refugees and belonging                    133
The ambiguous meaning of home: The experience of Eritrean
returnees from Sudan                                    140
Repatriation of Eritrean refugees: Donor responses, risks,
opportunities and coping strategies                     143
Eritrean returnees' choice of destination                 148
Exile, social change, development of co-operative networks and
choice of destination                                   151
Conclusion                                                155
5 Returnees in Their Homelands: Land Problems in Rwanda after
the Civil War Shin'ichi Takeuchi and Jean Marara            162
Introduction                                              162
Rwandan political change and refugees                     164
Research method and research sites                        167
Division of land between the two sets of 'returnees': The case of
Rukara                                                  174
Increase of land disputes: The case of Kibingo            179
Land problems and local authority                         182
Concluding remarks                                        184

Part 2: Development- and Conservation-Induced Displacement  193
6 Concept and Method: Applying the IRR Model in Africa to
Resettlement and Poverty  Michael M. Cernea                 195
Introduction                                              195
I. Africa's accelerating development and displacements    199
II. The impoverishment risks and reconstruction model     20j
III. Risk-oriented resettlement research in Africa        205
IV. Sector specificities: Displacement by the mining industry  207
V. Urban resettlement: Can risk analysis highlight successes?  212
VI. Personal and common property losses in displacement   217
VII. Poverty risks to hosts: Population transfers in Ethiopia  219
VIII. War-caused displacements and the IRR model          220
IX. Displacements from African parks: The poverty argument
for changing park-creation policies                     231
X. Major dams: Scudder's IRR analysis of displacement's
impoverishing effects                                   23S
XI. Brief conclusions                                     230
7 Some Socio-Economic Risks and Opportunities Relating to Dam-
Induced Resettlement in Africa Chris de Wet                 259
Introduction: A brief overview of dam-induced resettlement in
Africa                                                  259
A framework for locating the sources of risks and opportunities
relating to dam-induced resettlement in Africa         260
Some specific risks and opportunities operating in the context of
dam-induced resettlement in Africa                      263
Conclusion: Catering for complexity by keeping options open for
as long as possible                                    277
8 The Environmental Risks of Conservation Related Displacements
in Central Africa Kai Schmidt-Soltau                        282
Introduction                                              282
Method and case study design                              283
Impoverishment through biodiversity conservation          289
Conclusion/Recommendation                                 302
Part 3: Implications of In-migration for Host Populations   310
9 Multiple Socio-Economic Relationships Improvised between the
Turkana and Refugees in Kakuma Area, Northwestern Kenya
Itaru Ohta                                                  31$
Introduction                                              31$
Background                                                31(
Multiple relationships between the Turkana and refugees   323
Concluding remarks                                        331
10 Multidimensional Impact of Refugees and Settlers in the Gambela
Region, Western Ethiopia Eisei Kurimoto                     338
Introduction                                              338
Encroachment of socialist policies                         341
Resettlement program                                      342
Civil war in Sudan and the influx of refugees             343
Impact of settlers and refugees                           345
Aftermath: Beginning of ethnicized conflict                352
Discussion                                                354
11 Promises and Predicaments of Resettlement in Ethiopia
Yntiso D. Gebre                                             359
Introduction                                              359
Overview of the Ethiopian resettlement                    360
Resettlement-induced crises                               362
Conflict and inter-ethnic relations                       368
The present resettlement                                   375
Resettlement contrast                                      376
Is resettlement a viable option?                          377

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