Table of contents for Western realism and international relations : a non-western view / Aswini K. Ray.

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1   National Security and The International System          1
The Contending Paradigms of Security                   3
2   Emergence of the Post-War Global System of Security     7
Origin of the Collective Security System               7
Challenge of the Cold War System                      12
Origin of 'Military Containment'                      13
The 'Power Elite' in US Foreign Policy                18
Relevance of 'Containment' to Post-War US
Political Economy                                   20
Cold War in Europe                                    25
Cold War in the Third World                           28
Realist Instruments of Containment in the Third World  32
Soviet Response in the Third World                    38
3   Myths and Reality of Realism                           50
Nationalist Revolution and 'Communist Expansionism'  53
'Superior Adversary' Myths                           57
Myth of Aid to the 'Free World'                      58
The Reality of the Myths                              62
Pay-offs of 'Containment'                             63
Price of 'Containment': (i) 'McCarthyism'            65
Price of 'Containment': (ii) Aid to Dictators         68
Instruments of 'Containment'                          68
'Islam' in 'Containment'                              70
4   Western Realism in South Asia                          76
Pakistan in 'Global Containment'                      76
'Military Bureaucratic Elite'                        77
Need for External Aid                                 78
Pakistani 'Elite' and Foreign Policy                  80
Pakistan's Political Culture: (i) 'Threat from India'  82
Pakistan's Political Culture: (ii) 'Islamic Solidarity'  83
'Islam' in Anti-Communism                            84
Rationalisation of Pakistan's Alliance (i) 'Islamic
Solidarity'                                         85
Rationalisation: (ii) 'Threat from India'            86
Rationalisation: (iii) Kashmir                       86
Rationalisation: (iv) Economic Aid                    89
Reality of the US-Pakistan Alliance                   89
Alliance against Domestic Opposition: Role of
'Threat from India'                                 94
Role of Myths in the US and Pakistani Foreign
Policies                                           102
Military Alliance to Military Rule in Pakistan       103
Role of the Media                                    106
Impact of Western Realism in Pakistan                108
Pakistan as 'Trojan Horse' of Western Realism        112
India's Nonaligned Security Paradigm                 115
Western Realism in Nonaligned India                  123
Nonaligned Realism                                   130
Realism in Developmental Politics                    132
5   Hegemony of Realism                                    148
The 'Second World'                                   150
The 'Third World'                                    151
The UN System                                        153
Collapse of the Cold War System                      156
6   Globalisation and the Crisis of Realism                161
The New Process of Globalisation                     161
Unilateral Diplomacy                                 163
Neo-Liberal Ideological Offensive                    165
The New 'Peace Dividends'                            168
Terrorist Strike in the United States                171
Impact on US Global Diplomacy                        178
7   Justice as Realism in International Relation           183
Diplomacy as History                                 186
History as Diplomacy                                 193
Statist Fetishism                                    197
Some Suggested Reforms                               200

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