Table of contents for Hollywood genres and postwar America : masculinity, family and nation in popular movies and film noir / Mike Chopra-Gant.

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One        Introduction: Movies, Genre and                       1
Film noir and the zeitgeist                      2
Intellectualism and middlebrow culture            7
Re-thinking zeitgeist                           11
Defining the popular                            11
"What about the rest of theforties?             16
"What's genre got to do with it                 21
Two        Re-invigorating the nation: popular                  26
films and American national identity
Cinderellas of the services                     28
The myth of classlessness                       33
Land of opportunity                             46
Modernizing the American hero                   55
American-ness and immigrant identities          57
Three      The troubled postwar family:                         65
"moms" and absent fathers
The absent father                               66
The pleasures offatherhood                      78
Momism                                          82
Four       Performing postwar masculinities                   - 95
Soldier to civilian: masculinity and
performativity                                   98
Staging masculinities: performativity and
genre                                          107
Stars and performance                          111
Five       Military service and male                           121
The all-male group                             122
Military service and self "improvement"        130
Buddies                                        133
Male friendship, mature masculinity and
patriarchal continuity                          139
Six       Popular films and "tough" movies              146
Noir and Nation                                149
Social status and the veteran experience  149
Class and democracy                       152
The noir hero                             156
Noir and the melting pot                  158
Noir and the family                            160
The absentfather ofjfilm noir             161
"Mom" and thefemmefatale                  163
Noir masculinities and performance             164
Noir and male companionship                    167
The noir male group                       168
Noir buddies                               170
Noir and patriarchal continuity            172
Seven     Genre and History                             175
Problems with "the popular"               183

Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Masculinity in motion pictures, Men in motion pictures, Family in motion pictures, Motion pictures United States, Film noir United States History and criticism