Table of contents for Successful manager's handbook : develop yourself, coach others / Susan H. Gebelein ... [et al.].

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1   Analyze Issues      1
Information seems to multiply exponentially every week. How can you find
what you need? We help you zero in on the most important information, take
into account other perspectives and viewpoints, and find optimal solutions.
2   Make Sound Decisions   >   15
Are you making the best decisions? We show you how to tie decisions to
strategy, use sound logic, make decisions at the right time, bring others into
the decision-making process, and choose the best alternative.
3   Act Strategically     37
Customer expectations, market opportunities, competitive advantages,
competitive threats, industry trends, emerging technology-strategy is where
it all comes together. We show you how to create, understand, and execute
strategy in your area.
4    Leverage Innovation     77
How long will your organization survive if you keep doing things exactly the
way you do them today? In today's economy, innovation keeps you relevant.
We tell you how to come up with new ideas and put them into action.
5  Employ Financial Acumen    >  97
Financial acumen goes beyond knowing how to read a spreadsheet or create a budget.
We talk about measuring performance, recognizing and managing risk, investing wisely,
and achieving aggressive financial goals.
6  Manage Globally   .   129
The global economy affects every manager, regardless of the industry. We cover the
waterfront of global issues: developing a global mind-set, understanding global business
models and markets, working across cultures and borders, and executing global initiatives.
7  Influence Others   -  157
Most people would rather be persuaded than told what to do. We help you tap into shared
values, articulate a compelling message, negotiate persuasively, and win support.
8  Engage and Inspire   >   179
We offer ideas on how to create an environment where people feel appreciated and valued,
where they are committed to their work and want to excel, and where they define new
opportunities and improve the organization.
9  Build Talent  .   193
People are the key to your organization's present and future. We help you define and shape
roles, find the right people, measure and reward performance, and plan for succession.
10   Coach and Develop Others   ,  225
One of the privileges of being a manager is the opportunity to help employees build and
shape their careers. We share our consultants' world-class ideas to help you coach and
develop people.
11   Promote Collaboration and Teamwork      259
It's no secret: teamwork is hard work. But done well, it can be highly rewarding for
both team members and the organization. We cover the bases, from developing a
team, clarifying roles, and setting priorities through working together and celebrating
12   Foster Open Communication   *   279
Ironically, communication is easier said than done. We show you how to leverage
communication systems and processes, make sure people get information on time, and
create an environment in which people share their ideas and opinions, even when they
disagree with you.
13  Speak with Impact      295
Many people become awkward when they speak to a group, whether the group consists of
a few coworkers or dozens of industry leaders. We help you manage your anxiety, prepare
your message, appear confident, speak articulately, and engage your listeners.
14  Listen Attentively  >  317
Listening well is a foundational skill for all leaders. We show you how to evaluate your
current skills, convey genuine interest in others, listen carefully, clarify what you're
hearing, and demonstrate understanding.
15  Write Effectively  >  331
Managers are not always known for clear, professional writing. We help you figure out why
you're writing, use the right format for your message, choose the right words, improve
your grammar, and learn why an editor can be your friend.
16  Establish Relationships  P  349
You have relationships at work-the question is whether they are positive or negative. We
talk about how to relate to others in a positive, respectful way, build effective relationships
with people at all levels in the organization, and leverage your networks to get things done.
17  Manage Conflict   P   369
Conflict: unavoidable, but manageable. We help you understand how you and others react to
conflict and give you ideas on how to address conflict more constructively, handle recurrent
conflict, resolve issues between employees, and preserve relationships when the heat is on.
18  Increase Cultural Competence   '   385
If you don't already work with people from other cultures, backgrounds, and countries,
you soon will. We discuss cultural bias and its impact, how to create an environment of
involvement and acceptance, and how to address intolerance.
19   Focus on Customers   m   403
Customers are the reason you're in business. We help you understand your customers and
their businesses better, raise the bar for customer service, and develop a unified approach
throughout your company that helps you surpass customer expectations.
20   Manage Execution   >   435
The best plans in the world are just words on paper until people take action. As a
manager, you often act through and with other people. So we focus on the key elements
of delegation and facilitating meetings, plus setting expectations, measuring
performance, and accountability.
21   Build Realistic Plans  .  471
Without strong, realistic plans, it's difficult to accomplish your objectives. We help you
build plans that support the organization's vision and strategy, coordinate efforts with
individuals and groups, and plan for contingencies.
22   Manage and Improve Processes       483
Processes may not be glamorous, but they save time and limit variation-both of which
can be costly. Processes also enable organizations to deliver high-quality results. Here we
offer tools to help you design, improve, and measure your processes.
23   Manage Change       503
Change has a checkered reputation. Even though people often appreciate the results, they
dread the process. We talk about how to get people on board, plan for and implement
change, and reinforce both progress and success.
24   Show Drive and Initiative    537
Commitment to excellence and willingness to invest yourself in your work make you
invaluable to your organization. We show you how to pursue high standards, focus on
meaningful results, put in the necessary effort, and persist when things get tough.
25   Lead Courageously   P   557
Leaders need courage to take the right action, especially when there may be a negative
backlash. We show you how to clarify what is important to you, take action despite risk
or discomfort, and demonstrate inspiring leadership.
26   Establish Trust  >   571
"Ethical business leader" doesn't have to be an oxymoron. We focus on both personal
and organizational trust, from modeling high levels of integrity to responsible use of
27   Show Adaptability       597
Ambiguity, stress, setbacks, mistakes, personal crises, rejection-life as a manager can be
challenging. We help you adapt appropriately to people, shifting demands, and changing
priorities; cope with frustration and stress; and maintain a positive outlook in the face of
it all.
28   Learn Continuously       615
People who learn continuously see a payoff for their efforts, whether it's knowledge, skills,
or sheer enjoyment. Because time is usually the biggest obstacle, we tell you how to learn
efficiently, concentrate on what counts, and incorporate feedback to stay on track.

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