Table of contents for The politics of electoral systems / edited by Michael Gallagher and Paul Mitchell.

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I. Introduction: Electoral Systems and Electoral Systems Resea
1. Introduction to Electoral Systems
Michael Gallagher and Paul Mitchell
2. Comparative Electoral Systems Research: The Maturation
of a Field and New Challenges Ahead
Matthew Soberg Shugart
3. Why are There so Many (or so Few) Electoral Reforms?
Richard S. Katz
II. Single-Member Constituency Systems
4. Australia: The Alternative Vote in a Compliant Political Culture
David M. Farrell and lan McAllister
5. Canada: Sticking to First-Past-the-Post, for the Time Being
Louis Massicotte
6. France: Stacking the Deck
Robert Elgie
7. India: Two-Party Contests within a Multiparty System
Anthony Heath, Siana Glouharova and Oliver Heath
8. The United Kingdom: Plurality Rule under Siege
Paul Mitchell
9. The United States of America: Perpetual Campaigning in the Absence
of Competition
Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan, and Jennifer Van Heerde
III. Mixed Systems
10. Germany: Stability and Strategy in a Mixed-Member
Proportional System
Thomas Saalfeld
11. Hungary: Holding back the Tiers
Kenneth Benoit
12. Italy: A Case of Fragmented Bipolarism
Roberto D'Alimonte
13. Japan: Haltingly Toward a Two-Party System
Steven R. Reed
14. New Zealand: The Consolidation of Reform?
Jack Vowles
15. Russia: The Authoritarian Adaptation of an Electoral System
Stephen White
IV. Closed-List Systems
16. Israel: The Politics of an Extreme Electoral System
Gideon Rahat and Reuven Y. Hazan
17. South Africa: One Party Dominance Despite Perfect Proportionality
Amanda Gouws and Paul Mitchell
18. Spain: Proportional Representation with Majoritarian Outcomes
Jonathan Hopkin
V. Preferential List Systems and PR-STV
19. Austria: A Complex Electoral System with Subtle Effects
Wolfgang C. Miiller
20. Belgium: Empowering Voters or Party Elites?
Lieven De Winter
21. Chile: The Unexpected (and Expected) Consequences of
Electoral Engineering
Peter M. Siavelis
22. Denmark: Simplicity Embedded in Complexity
(or Is it the Other Way Round?)
Jorgen Elklit
23. Finland: One Hundred Years of Quietude
24. The Netherlands: The Sanctity of Proportionality
Rudy B. Andeweg
25. Ireland: The Discreet Charm of PR-STV
Michael Gallagher

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