Table of contents for A different approach to cosmology : from a static universe through the big bang towards reality / F. Hoyle, G. Burbidge, and J.V. Narlikar.

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Chapter 1  Introduction                                   1
Chapter 2  Early relativistic cosmology                  5
Chapter 3  The observational revolution                 17
Chapter 4  The observational trail 1931-56, the determination
of Ho and the age dilemma                  27
Chapter 5  Changing times, 1945-65: new techniques and new
people                                     45
Chapter 6  The extension of the redshift-apparent magnitude
diagram to faint galaxies 1956-95          55
Chapter 7  The classical steady-state cosmological model and
its observational tests                    65
Chapter 8  The cosmic microwave background - an historical
account                                      79
Chapter 9  The origin of the light elements             95
Chapter 10 A new primordial calculation of Y and of D/H  107
Chapter 11 The new observational evidence and its interpretation:
(a) quasi-stellar objects and redshifts   117
Chapter 12 The new observational evidence and its interpretation:
(b) ejection phenomena and energetics     163
Chapter 13 Modern Friedmann cosmology                   169
Chapter 14  Standard cosmology                         175
Chapter 15 New cosmological models                     189
Chapter 16 The observations explained in terms of the
quasi-steady-state model                  197
Chapter 17 The intrinsic redshift problem                229
Chapter 18  Creation centers and black holes              239
Chapter 19  Modern observations of faint galaxies and
related objects                             251
Chapter 20  The large-scale distribution of matter        275
Chapter 21 A brief account of the radiation fields in the
universe - the observations and their
interpretation                              303
Chapter 22  A summary of the material contained in the
previous chapters                           311
Chapter 23  Some unsolved problems                        321

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