Table of contents for Emil von Behring : infectious disease, immunology, serum therapy / Derek S. Linton.

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Emil von Behring: Infectious Disease,
Immunology, Serum Therapy
1. Introduction 3
2. The Making of a Medical Researcher 17
3. From Bonn to Berlin, from Disinfection
to Immunology 41
4. From Immunization to Serum Therapy 99
5. Marburg, Further Diphtheria and
Tetanus Research, the Nobel Prize 197
6. Cradle Songs and Guilty Milk:
Behring's Tuberculosis Research 258
7. Behring's Last Years: Blood Studies, Hypersensitivity,
Diphtheria Immunization, and Tetanus 319
8. At Behring's Mausoleum: The Vagaries
of Reputation and Reasons for Remembrance 388
Selected Writings of Behring on Infectious Disease,
Immunology, and Serum Therapy
Introduction to the Selected Writings 433
1. On lodoform and Acetylene 439
2. On the Cause of the Immunity
of Rats against Anthrax 442
3. On the Formation of Diphtheria Immunity and
Tetanus Immunity in Animals 450
4. Investigations of the Formation of
Diphtheria Immunity in Animals 454
5. On Immunizing and Healing Experimental
Animals with Diphtheria 460
6. The Tetanus Healing Serum and the
Determination of Its Healing Value 488
7. On Healing Mice Sick with Tetanus 495
8. On the Treatment of Children Sick with
Diphtheria with the "Diphtheria Healing Serum" 497
9. The Determination of the Value of
the Diphtheria-Healing Serum 503
10. Serum Therapy in Medical Science and
the Art of Healing 509
11. Combating Tuberculosis 518
12. Tasks and Achievements of My New
Diphtheria Protection Drug 534
13. Etiology, Prognosis and Therapy of Tetanus 539

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