Table of contents for Our endangered values : America's moral crisis / Jimmy Carter.

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i. America's Common Beliefs-
and Strong Differences                     7
2. My Traditional Christian Faith           16
3. The Rise of Religious Fundamentalism     30
4. Growing Conflicts Among Religious People  36
5. No Conflict Between Science and Religion  47
6. The Entwining of Church and State        53
7. Sins of Divorce and Homosexuality        65
8. Would Jesus Approve Abortions
and the Death Penalty?                     71
9. Must Women Be Subservient?                86
Io. Fundamentalism in Government              94
iI. The Distortion of American Foreign Policy  102
12. Attacking Terrorism, Not Human Rights?   116
I3. Protecting Our Arsenals,
but Promoting Proliferation               134
14. Worshiping the Prince of Peace,
or Preemptive War?                        146
15. Where Are the Major Threats to
the Environment?                          164
i6. The World's Greatest Challenge
in the New Millennium                     178
17. Conclusion: What Is a Superpower?        198

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