Table of contents for Grocery e-commerce : consumer behaviour and business strategies / edited by Niels Kornum, Mogens Bjerre.

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1. Grocery E-Commerce - Consumer Behaviour and Business
Strategies: An Introduction                                 1
Niels Kornum and Mogens Bjerre
2. Competing for the Online Grocery Customer: The UK
Experience                                                  7
Muriel Wilson-Jeanselme and Jonathan Reynolds
3. To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Question. Conceptual
Model and Empirical Results on Consumers' View on Home
Delivery                                                   36
Herbert Kotzab and Christoph Teller
4. Household Desires on Home Delivery: An Empirical Study
on Attended Reception of Convenience Goods                 58
Bengt Norddn
5. A Comparison of In-Store vs. Online Grocery Customers       79
Andrea M. Prud'homme and Kenneth K. Boyer
6. Understanding Consumer Adoption of Online Grocery
Shopping: Results from Denmark and Sweden                  97
Torben Hansen and Suzanne C. Beckmann
7. Behind the Values: Understanding Consumer Behaviour and
E-Grocery Business from a Dialectic Culture Perspective   122
Christine Sestoft
8. Effective E-Grocery Logistics                              160
Hannu Yrjdld and Kari Tanskanen
9. Cost Drivers and Profitability of DC Based Grocery Home
Delivery Systems                                          183
Niels Kornum and Mads Vangkilde
10. A Reality Check on E-Grocery Delivery Options - The
Swedish Case                                              204
Elisabeth Karlsson
11. Packaging Trends for E-Commerce Shipments in the United
States: A Focus on Perishables!                             230
S. Paul Singh
12. First-Movers in the E-Grocery Sector - A Framework for
Analysis                                                    241
Mads Vangkilde
13. Innovative Opportunities and Strategies for Online
Transactions                                                276
Peder Inge Furseth
14. The Future of Grocery E-Commerce - Will Business be Able
to Meet Customer Needs and How?                             294
Niels Kornum and Mogens Bjerre
Index                                                           320

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