Table of contents for A field guide to ferns and their related families : northeastern and central North America / Boughton Cobb and Elizabeth Farnsworth and Cheryl Lowe for the New England Wild Flower Society ; illustrations by Laura Louise Foster and Elizabeth Farnsworth.

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Part One
Life Cycle of a Fern                                 3
The Place of Ferns and Fern Relatives in the Plant Kingdom 9
Fern Habitats and Conservation                      16
Morphology of a Fern                                21
How to Use This Field Guide                         29
Key to the Genera of Northeastern
and Central North American Ferns and Related Species 32

Part Two: True Ferns
Genus Adiantum (Maidenhair Ferns)                 54
Genus Asplenium (Spleenworts)                      59
Genus Athyrium (Lady Ferns)                       85
Genus Azolla (Mosquito Fern)                      89
Genus Cheilanthes (Lip Ferns)                      92
Genus Cryptogramma (Parsley Ferns or Rock Brakes)  99
Genus Cystopteris (Bladder Ferns)             .  103
Genus Dennstaedtia (Hay-scented Fern)            115
Genus Deparia (Silvery Glade Fern)               1 18
Genus Diplazium (Glade Fern)                     122
Genus Dryopteris (Wood Ferns)                    1 26
Genus Gymnocarpium (Oak Ferns)                   150o
Genus Lygodium (Climbing Ferns)                  155
Genus Marsilea (Water Shamrock)                  I 58
Genus Matteuccia (Ostrich Fern)                  162
Genus Onoclea (Sensitive Fern)                   166
Genus Osmunda (Flowering Ferns)                  170
Genus Pellaea (Cliffbrakes)                      I 78
Genus Phegopteris (Beech Ferns)                  184
Genus Pleopeltis (Shield-sorus Ferns)            190
Genus Polypodium (Polypodies)                    1 92
Genus Polystichum (Holly Ferns)                 '97
Genus Pteridium (Bracken or Brake)              203
Genus Schizaea (Curly Grass Fern)               206
Genus Thelypteris (Marsh Ferns)                 208
Genus Trichomanes (Filmy Ferns)                 2 6
Genus Vittaria (Shoestring Fern)                221
Genus Woodsia (Cliff Ferns)                     224
Genus Woodwardia (Chain Ferns)                  235
Genera Botrychium and Ophioglossum
(Succulent Ferns)                               240
Genus Botrychium subgenus Osmundopteris       247
Genus Botrychium subgenus Botrychium          250
Genus Botrychium subgenus Sceptridium         265
Genus Ophioglossum (Adder's-tongues)          271

Part Three: Fern Relatives
Genera Dendrolycopodium, Diphasiastrum, Huperzia,
Lycopodiella, Lycopodium, Pseudolycopodiella,
Spinulum (Clubmosses and Firmosses)            280
Genus Dendrolycopodium (Tree Clubmosses)        285
Genus Diphasiastrum (Ground Cedars)             292
Genus Huperzia (Firmosses)                      303
Genus Lycopodiella (Bog Clubmosses)             313
Genus Lycopodium (Clubmosses)                   320
Genus Pseudolycopodiella (Slender Bog Clubmoss)  326
Genus Spinulum (Bristly Clubmosses)             328
Genus Equisetum (Horsetails and Scouring Rushes)  333
Genus Isoetes (Quillworts)                        360
Genus Selaginella (Spikemosses)                   371

Part Four
Ferns in Cultivation and Culture                  384
Glossary                                          391
Bibliography                                      398
Useful Web Sites                                  403
Photograph and Illustration Credits               404
Index                                             405

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