Table of contents for Business statistics : a decision-making approach / David F. Groebner ... [et al.].

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CHAPTER 1      The Where, Why and How of Data Collection  1
CHAPTER 2      Graphs, Charts, and Tables-Describing Your Data 27
CHAPTER 3      Describing Data Using Numerical Measures 73
CHAPTERS 1-3   Special Review Section 121
CHAPTER 4      Using Probability and Probability Distributions 127
CHAPTER 5      Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions 175
CHAPTER 6      Introduction to Sampling Distributions 227
CHAPTER 7      Estimating Population Values 265
CHAPTER 8      Introduction to Hypothesis Testing  303
CHAPTER 9      Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Two Population Parameters 345
CHAPTER 10     Hypothesis Tests for One and Two Population Variances 387
CHAPTER 11     Analysis of Variance 407
CHAPTERS 7-11 Special Review Section 455
CHAPTER 12     Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Contingency Analysis 475
CHAPTER 13     Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis 501
CHAPTER 14     Multiple Regression Analysis and Model Building  551
CHAPTER 15     Analyzing and Forecasting Time-Series Data 613
CHAPTER 16     Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics 669
CHAPTER 17     Introduction to Quality and Statistical Process Control 699
CHAPTER 18     Introduction to Decision Analysis On CD-ROM

               Optional CD-ROM Topics on CD-ROM
               Appendix A   Random Numbers Table 730
               Appendix B   Binomial Distribution Table 731
               Appendix C   Poisson Probability Distribution Table 738
               Appendix D   Standard Normal Distribution Table 743
               Appendix E   Exponential Distribution Table 744
               Appendix F   Values of t for Selected Probabilities 745
               Appendix G   Values of x2 for Selected Probabilities 746
               Appendix H   F-Distribution Table 747
               Appendix I   Critical Values of Hartley's Fax Test 753
               Appendix J   Distribution of the Studentized Range (q-values) 754
               Appendix K   Critical Values of r in the Runs Test 756
               Appendix L   Mann-Whitney U Test Probabilities (n < 9) 757


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