Table of contents for The war the women lived : female voices from the Confederate South / edited by Walter Sullivan ; with a foreword by George Core.

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  Foreword by George Core                                xi
  Introduction                                          xiii
  Brief Chronology of the War                           xxi
  A Note on the Selections                             xxiii
  The Women                                             xxv

Part I. Hope and Glory 1859-1861

1. The Days That Are No More
   Kate Stone
   near Talullah, Louisiana, 1859                         3
2. Holbein's Ghost
   Sarah Rice Pryor
   Washington, D.C., Winter 1860-1861                    11
3. The View from the Mills House
   Mary Boykin Chesnut
   Charleston, South Carolina, April 1861                21
4. Pistols in the Churchyard
   Catherine Cooper Hopley
   near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Late Spring 1861       29

Part II. Shot and Shell 1861-1862

5. In Prison for My Country
   Rose O'Neal Greenhow
   Washington, D.C., August 1861-May 1862                37


6. A Cold Way Home
   Lucy Nickolson Lindsay
   Jefferson City, Missouri, Winter 1861-1862              55
7. The Sleep of the Living
   Phoebe Yates Pember
   Richmond, Virginia, May 1862                            63
8. We Run for Our Lives
   Sarah Morgan
   near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 1862                67
9. The Pain of Remembering
   Cornelia Peake McDonald
   Winchester, Virginia, September 1862                    75

Part III. Advance and Retreat 1863

10. An Invasion of Graybacks
   Julia Morgan
   Marietta, Georgia, January 1863                         83
11. Fleeing from Our Servants
    Kate Stone
    near Talullah, Louisiana, March 1863                   89
12. Returning to Brother
    Sarah Morgan
    near New Orleans, Louisiana, April 1863                97
13. My Yard Is a Battlefield
    Cornelia Peake McDonald
    Winchester, Virginia, June 1863                       107
14. Guidance for Stonewall
    Belle Boyd
    Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.,
    May 1862-December 1863                                113
15. A Spy in Woman's Clothing
    Loreta Janeta Velazquez
    Mobile, Alabama, to Memphis, Tennessee,
    Autumn 1863                                           131


16. What Modesty Requires
   Kate Cumming
   Newnan and Atlanta, Georgia,
     November 1863-July 1864                            149

Part IV. Days of Courage 1864

17. The Soldiers Stare with Open Eyes
   Mary Boykin Chestnut
   Richmond, Virginia, January 1864                      175
18. A Meeting at Sea
   Belle Boyd
   Aboard the Greyhound, May 1864                        183
19. A Cap for Mrs. Worthey
    Celine Fremaux
    Jackson, Louisiana, May 1864                         191
20. A Funeral in the Rain
   Phoebe Yates Pember
   Richmond, Virginia, Summer 1864                       199
21. Searching for Cartridge Boxes
    Celine Fremaux
    Jackson, Louisiana, August 1864                     209
22. Alone on the Road with Yankee
    Mary Ann Harris Gay
    on the road near Atlanta, Georgia,
    November 1864                                       215
23. Thirty Thousand Dollars Poorer
    Dolly Lunt Burge
    near Social Circle, Georgia, November 1864          227
24. A Birth in the Ruins
    Mary Jones and Mary Mallard
    Liberty County, Georgia,
    December 1864-January 1865                           233


Part V. Last Things 1865

25. Lucifer in Starlight
    Emma LeConte
    Columbia, South Carolina, February 1865             255
26. Hetty Cary's Wedding
    Constance Cary Harrison
    Richmond, Virginia, January to April 1865           263
27. Food for the Wounded
    Phoebe Yates Pember
    Richmond, Virginia, April 1865                      267
28. A Garland for Mrs. Stuart
    Mrs. Alexander H. Major
    North Georgia, April 1865                           273
29. The End of All We Cherished
   Judith Brokenbrough McGuire
   Richmond, April and May 1865                         277
30. Remembering God's Promises
    Cornelia Peake McDonald
    Lexington, Virginia, April to October 1865           283
31. The Last March Home
    Eliza Andrews
    Washington, Georgia, Summer 1865                     293

    Epilogue                                             309
    Bibliography                                         313
    Index                                                315


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