Table of contents for The jarring interests : New York's boundary makers, 1664-1776 / by Philip J. Schwarz.

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Illustrations, Maps, and Table                              ix

Preface                                                     xi


PART I: 1664-1700. INTRODUCTION                              3

Chapter 1.  "Unneighborly and Unbrotherly Contentions":
            New England's New Neighbor, 1664-1668            5

Chapter 2.  Lovelace, Andros, and Dongan Seek Their
            "Masters Interest," 1668-1685                   18

Chapter 3. New York's Boundary Makers Secure "The
            Royall Determination and the Royall
            Protection," 1685-1700                          35

PART 2: 1700-1745. INTRODUCTION                             57

Chapter 4. Faction and Fragmentation: The
            Connecticut-New York Boundary
            Settlement, 1725-1735                           6o

Chapter 5. Peter Schuyler and "Sundry Other
            Gentlemens Estates" Confront Massachusetts
            and New Jersey, 1700-1743                       7A


PART 3: 1740-1763. INTRODUCTION                               91

Chapter 6. "This Grand Dispute": Massachusetts
            and New York, 1750-1755                           97

Chapter 7. "Unanimity and Good Harmony": The
            Anatomy of an Unsettled Boundary,
            Massachusetts and New York, 1755-1762            115

Chapter 8. New Yorkers and "A Large Interest in
            the Jerseys, " 1738-1750                         133

Chapter 9.  His Majesty's "Sovereignty, Seigneurie,
            and Property" in New Jersey and
            New York, 1750-1760                              147

PART 4: 1764-1775. INTRODUCTION                              165

Chapter 10. "The Extent of Jurisdiction in His
            Majesty's Province of New York":
            New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, 1764-1776        168

Chapter 11. "Confirming Titles and Possessions" in
             New Jersey and New York, 1762-1774              179

Chapter 12. "Intestine Disputes and Divisions":
             Massachusetts and New York, 1760-1769.          191

Chapter 13. "To Conciliate the Jarring Interests":
             William Smith, Thomas Hutchinson, and
             the Massachusetts-New York
             Boundary, 1770-1773                             211

Conclusion. New York's Boundary Makers: "A Joynte
            Dependence and Loyalty"                          222

Notes                                                        237

Sources                                                      317

Index                                                        335


Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: New York (State) Boundaries, New England Boundaries, New Jersey Boundaries, New York (State) History Colonial period, ca, 1600-1775, New England History Colonial period, ca, 1600-1775, New Jersey History Colonial period, ca, 1600-1775