Table of contents for Labeling people : French scholars on society, race and empire, 1815-1848 / Martin S. Staum.

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1 The Hlll Cunre and the Nineteenth-Century Organic Society 3
2 The Facial Angle, Physiognomy, and Racial Theory 23
3 The Ambivalence of Phrenology 49
4 Human Geography, "Race," and Empire 85
5 Ethnology and the Civilizability of"Races" 122
6 Constructing the "Other" in the Early Social Sciences 158

1 Active Members of the Societe phrenologique de Paris
   or supporters of phrenology 193
2 Societe de g6ographie de Paris Founders 195
3 Members of the Societe ethnologique de Paris 202
   Bibliography 213
   Index 239


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