Table of contents for Struggle in the Levant : Lebanon in the 1950s / Caroline Atti‚e.

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Acknowledgements                                                x
Preface by Wm. Roger Louis                                    xii
Introduction                                                    1

1.   Lebanon:1920-1952                                          7
     French Interests in Lebanon                                7
     The French Mandate                                        13
     The Second World War: Anglo-French Rivalry and
        Independence for Lebanon                               18
     The National Pact                                         25

2.   Domestic Politics, the Economy and Society in
        Lebanon:1952-1956                                      40
     Camille Chamoun                                           40
     Efforts at Reform                                         48
     Internal Opposition and Sectarian Tension                 55

3.   Lebanon: 1952-1956: Foreign Affairs                       70
     Chamoun as Regional Mediator                              70
     Chamoun's Response to Anglo-American Policies in
         the Middle East                                       77

4.   The Impact of Regional and International
         Politics in Lebanon: 1956-1957                        98
     The Suez Crisis and Nasser's Populist Arabism             98
     The American Response: The Eisenhower Doctrine           108

5.   The Parliamentary Elections of 1957                      128
     The Political Role of the Lebanese Press                 128
     Foreign Interference in Domestic Elections               133
     The Parliamentary Elections of 1957                      141


6.   From the Formation of the UAR to the Insurrection
        in Lebanon                                            154
     The Impact of the UAR on Lebanon                         154
     The Issue of Chamoun's Re-election                       160
     The Outbreak of Rebellion: May 1958                      170

7.   The Crisis in Lebanon                                    185
     The Rebellion                                            185
     American Military Intervention in Lebanon                197

8.   The Resolution of the Crisis                             210
     Lebanon's Case at the UN                                 210
     American-Egyptian Rapprochement                          218

Conclusion                                                    228
Bibliography                                                  234
Index                                                         247


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