Table of contents for Collapse : how societies choose to fail or succeed / Jared Diamond.

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List of Maps                                                  xiii

Prologue: A Tale of Two Farms
  Two farms * Collapses, past and present  Vanished Edens? 
  A five-point framework . Businesses and the environment "
  The comparative method  Plan of the book 

Part One: MODERN MONTANA                                        25

Chapter 1: Under Montana's Big Sky                             27
   Stan Falkow's story - Montana and me  Why begin with
   Montana?  Montana's economic history . Mining  Forests "
   Soil * Water * Native and non-native species * Differing
   visions * Attitudes towards regulation " Rick Laible's story i
   Chip Pigman's story " Tim Huls's story * John Cook's story "
   Montana, model of the world -

Part Two: PAST SOCIETIES                                       77

Chapter 2: Twilight at Easter                                  79
   The quarry's mysteries m Easter's geography and history
   People and food * Chiefs, clans, and commoners " Platforms and
   statues * Carving, transporting, erecting * The vanished forest 
   Consequences for society * Europeans and explanations 
   Why was Easter fragile? " Easter as metaphor *

 Chapter 3: The Last People Alive: Pitcairn and Henderson Islands 120
   Pitcairn before the Bounty " Three dissimilar islands * Trade -
   The movie's ending *

 Chapter 4: The Ancient Ones: The Anasazi and Their Neighbors 136
   Desert farmers a Tree rings a Agricultural strategies * Chaco's
   problems and packrats * Regional integration a Chaco's decline
   and end * Chaco's message

Chapter 5: The Maya Collapses                                   157
  Mysteries of lost cities " The Maya environment a Maya
  agriculture  Maya history " Copan a Complexities of
  collapses a Wars and droughts a Collapse in the southern
  lowlands a The Maya message X

Chapter 6: The Viking Prelude and Fugues                        178
   Experiments in the Atlantic " The Viking explosion a
   Autocatalysis a Viking agriculture - Iron a Viking chiefs a
   Viking religion X Orkneys, Shetlands, Faeroes  Iceland's
   environment * Iceland's history * Iceland in context " Vinland s

Chapter 7: Norse Greenland's Flowering                          211
   Europe's outpost a Greenland's climate today a Climate in the
   past  Native plants and animals a Norse settlement " Farming a
   Hunting and fishing  An integrated economy " Society a Trade
   with Europe a Self-image                                  "

Chapter 8: Norse Greenland's End                                248
   Introduction to the end * Deforestation  Soil and turf damage 
   The Inuit's predecessors  Inuit subsistence a Inuit/Norse
   relations * The end a Ultimate causes of the end 

Chapter 9: Opposite Paths to Success                            277
   Bottom up, top down * New Guinea highlands * Tilknnia


Chapter 12: China, Lurching Giant                             358
  China's significance  Background * Air, water, soil a Habitat,
  species, megaprojects  Consequences a Connections 
  The future "

Chapter 13: "Mining"Australia                                 378
  Australia's significance a Soils * Water a Distance * Early
  history  Imported values a Trade and immigration  Land
  degradation " Other environmental problems " Signs of hope
  and change "

Part Four: PRACTICAL LESSONS                                   417

Chapter 14: Why Do Some Societies Make Disastrous
     Decisions?                                                419
   Road map for success , Failure to anticipate  Failure to
   perceive  Rational bad behavior * Disastrous values * Other
   irrational failures * Unsuccessful solutions * Signs of hope 

Chapter 15: Big Businesses and the Environment:
     Different Conditions, Different Outcomes                  441
   Resource extraction * Two oil fields  Oil company motives "
   Hardrock mining operations " Mining company motives 
   Differences among mining companies " The logging industry "
   Forest Stewardship Council , The seafood industry  Businesses
   and the public a

Chapter 16: The World as a Polder: What Does It All Mean
      to Us Today?                                             486
   Introduction * The most serious problems " If we don't solve
   them... a Life in Los Angeles " One-liner objections " The past
   and the present * Reasons for hope "

 Acknowledgments                                               526
 Further Readings                                              529
 Index                                                         561
 Illustration Credits                                          576


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