Table of contents for Origins : fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution / Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith.

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    Acknowledgments 11
    PREFACE  A Meditation on the Origins of Science
               and the Science of Origins 15
    OVERTURE The Greatest Story Ever Told 25

Part I: The Origin of the Universe
    CHAPTER 1 In the Beginning 33
    CHAPTER 2 Antimatter Matters 46
    CHAPTER 3 Let There Be Light 53
    CHAPTER 4 Let There Be Dark 64
    CHAPTER 5 Let There Be More Dark 78
    CHAPTER 6 One Universe or Many? 98

Part II: The Origin of Galaxies and Cosmic Structure
    CHAPTER 7 Discovering Galaxies 1m
    CHAPTER 8 The Origin of Structure 122

Part III: The Origin of Stars
    CHAPTER 9 Dust to Dust 147
    CHAPTER 10 The Elemental Zoo 167

Part IV: The Origin of Planets
    CHAPTER 11 When Worlds Were Young 183
    CHAPTER 12 Between the Planets 194
    CHAPTER 13 Worlds Unnumbered: Planets Beyond the
            Solar System 204

Part V: The Origin of Life
    CHAPTER 14 Life in the Universe 225
    CHAPTER 15 The Origin of Life on Earth 233
    CHAPTER 16 Searching for Life in the Solar System  250
    CHAPTER 17 Searching for Life in the Milky
            Way Galaxy 274
CODA     The Search for Ourselves in the Cosmos 291

    Glossary of Selected Terms 297
    Further Reading 323
    Image Credits 327
    Index 329


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