Table of contents for The resilient family farm : supporting agricultural development and rural economic growth / Gaye Burpee and Kim Wilson.

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Introduction                                                    1
The story                                                   1
The task of the farm family                                 2
Supporting the family farm                                  6
About the book                                              7


Chapter 1: Farm families and their social environment         15
 Who are the smallholder farm families?                     15
 Their multiple roles                                       16
 The social impact of the issues they face                  19
Chapter 2: Farm families and their natural environment        31
 The importance of farm resources                           31
 Environmental problems                                     32
Chapter 3: The family farm as an agricultural system          43
 The agricultural system                                    43
 Threats and risks                                          46
 Reducing risk                                              47
 Coping with constraints - the big three                    48
 Elements of agricultural systems                           50
 Synergy between agriculture and natural resources          51
 Agriculture synergy with education, health and microfinance  53
Chapter 4: The family farm as an economic system              57
 The economic system                                        57
 The elements of the economic system                        58
 The basic triangle of income generation                    59
 The outer circle                                           63
 Synergy and stewardship                                    64
 Threats to the system                                      65
 The flow of farm wealth                                    67

Chapter 5: Resilient farming: approaches to farm family support  73
 Science and technology                                    73
 Some cardinal rules                                       77
Chapter 6: The ripple effect: agricultural extension services  89
 Spreading success                                         89
 Some cardinal rules                                       90
Chapter 7: Barn-raising: support for building farm assets   101
 The dilemma                                              101
 What can be done?                                        102
 Some cardinal rules                                      102
Chapter 8: Inspiring growth: developing farm enterprises    109
 The dilemma                                              109
 What can be done?                                        110
 Some cardinal rules                                      111
Chapter 9: Going to market: support in selling farm products  121
 The dilemma                                              121
 Some cardinal rules                                      124
Chapter 10: Banking on the family: financial services to farm families 129
 The dilemma                                              129
 What can be done?                                        133
 Some cardinal rules                                      134
Chapter 11: Speaking truth to power: advocacy for the family farm  141
 The dilemma                                              141
 What can be done?                                        143
 Some cardinal rules                                      143
Chapter 12: Breaking the rules: the family farm in crisis    149
 The dilemma                                              149
 What can be done?                                        150

Conclusions                                                  155
Glossary                                                     158
Resources                                                    164
About CRS                                                    165
About the authors                                            166
Index                                                        167


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